The Galaxy S6 Could Be (Almost) Free Of Annoying Bloatware

Samsung’s next big flagship phone, presumably the Galaxy S6, is almost certainly going to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March. And, according to new rumours, it’s looking more likely than ever that it will be running something close to stock Android. Be still, my heart.

Giz Explains: How To Not Be Wrong When You're Talking About Smartphone Displays

A lot of amazing engineering and design goes into making your smartphone. And smartphone displays are one of the most important parts — they’re your window onto the internet, and the world. But the technical terms we use to describe them can be pretty confusing. Here’s how to sound like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to displays.

A Galaxy S6 With (Almost) Stock Android Sounds Like A Dream Come True

There are some pretty unsubstantiated and vague rumours that Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 won’t just have a new Note-inspired hardware design; it will also have less ugly TouchWiz skinning than ever. Who knows if this is true! It’s probably not. But man, it still sounds fantastic.

Nokia 215: Internet In Your Pocket For $30

Microsoft’s latest smartphone launch is no flagship — but that’s not to say it’s unimportant. Costing just $US30, it’s perhaps the cheapest way to get a slice of the web in your your hand.

Kodak Is Making Android Phones Now Because Sure, Why Not I Guess? 

Kodak’s about to have its own line of Android phones now, because sure. The company — now little more than a name to be slapped on products from all kinds of no-name manufacturers — will be showing off its first Android devices at CES in just over a week.

The Best Way To Recycle Your Old Gadgets

‘Tis the season to get gadgets but what are you going to do with the one you’ve got? Folks will pay good money (or at least good karma) for your second-hand electronics. Here’s how to hawk your legacy hardware online — or just give it away responsibly — and get an early start on next years Nice list.

Google's Cardboard VR Headset Is About To Be Better Than Ever

Remember that fun little cardboard VR headset Google trotted out at Google I/O? Remember how it wound up being one of the coolest things there? Google does, and that’s probably why the search giant is upping its cheap VR game.

Here's A Trailer For A Vertical Movie Because Everything Is Terrible

Argentinian filmmakers Gonzalo Moiguer and Rodrigo Melendez have set about making a movie shot entirely in vertical orientation. GREAT.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review: This Crazy Smartphone Ain't Half Bad

You’ve never seen anything quite like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The phone looks like it’s melting. The entire right edge of the device is a second screen. And though it feels like a gimmick at first, that extra, angled real estate can be surprisingly cool.

It's Time To Kill The Phone Call

The phone call isn’t dead. Despite what many a journalist/blogger/paranoid internet commenter might have you believe, smartphones can indeed still dial out. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the process of dying. And if you have even a shred of decency about you, you’ll help take it out back Old-Yeller-style and put everyone out of their misery. Friends, it’s time to kill the phone call.