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How To Defend Your Home Without Firearms

So, what, you think you’re better than Batman? He’s out there defending the city without a gun to speak of, so clearly you can defend your patch without nasty firearms, right? Here are four methods for protecting you and yours without shooting anyone.

Pepper Spray Lighter Burns Without A Flame

Sometimes a sneak attack is the best way to fight off a would-be assailant. Pulling an obvious can of pepper spray out of your pocket or purse immediately tips them off that they’re about to be blasted. But they’ll be none-the-wiser if you pulled out this innocuous-looking lighter.

Smoke Ring Gun Could Deliver Pepper Spray At A Blinding 140KM/H

Smoke rings from a toy gun don’t do much more than entertain a child. But by giving them an electrical charge, a company called Battelle has discovered a way to make them more useful for firefighting and even crowd control.

Pepper Spray iPhone Case Takes Personal Safety A Bit Too Far

Of all the questionable iPhone cases I’ve seen, the Smart Guard certainly raises more than just a few eyebrows. It’s designed to protect both the phone with a durable case, and the user with a can of pepper spray.

What Pepper Spray Does To Your Body

When Lieutenant John Pike casually hosed down a line of seated protesters with pepper spray, a lot of weird stuff immediately followed. No, we’re not talking about the evolution of the meme. Or even the nationwide backlash.

This Is The Pepper Spray Police Used On UC Davis Protesters

We’re awaiting confirmation from UC Davis police, but after examining photos and videos of the incident, this is what we believe campus police used against the Occupy Wall Street protesters at UC Davis this weekend. It’s nasty.

This Self-Contained Security System Will Probably Pepper-Spray You

At first glance, the self-contained Burglar Blaster security system seems neat. It’s quick to set up, covers up to about 190sqm and will stop intruders with a shower of pepper spray. Nothing could go wrong with that, right?

South Africa's ATMs Get Weaponised With Pepper Spray

In South Africa, ATMs have been weaponised with pepper spray to ward off thieves. What could possibly go wrong??

Fun with Pain Rays, Sound Cannons and Other Non-Lethal Weaponry

This week’s New Yorker (yep, you heard me right) has a cool piece on the development of non-lethal weapons for military and police. You can tell the writer, Alec Wilkinson, had a good time reporting it. The story focuses on Charles Heal, a badass part-time Marine and part-time LA Sheriff’s Department officer known in some circles as “Mr. Non-Lethal Weapons.” As a product evaluator and consultant, Heal has helped create about 25 different non-lethal weapons, including:

Pepper Spray Gel Ensures Your Attackers Eyes Get Burnt and Stay Burnt

Because getting maced just doesn’t suck enough, there’s now mace pepper spray gel. This shit will coat your face with pure, burning stickiness, turning your misinterpreted flirting into a blind search for water or anything else that’ll provide relief for your painful, painful face. The benefit to the sprayer is that there’s no mist, so all of the painful chemicals will end up in your assailant’s eyes, nose and mouth rather than in the air around you. It “sticks to the face like glue,” according to the marketing materials. Holy shit. Only US$15! How can you say no?! [Product Page via Gadget Lab via Book of Joe]

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