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Australian Pay TV Wants To Be Able To Broadcast Big Sporting Events

Australia’s peak subscription TV lobby group is taking a proposal to the government that would let it buy the rights to the biggest sporting events in the country. If the plan comes to fruition, you’ll be able to watch the FIFA World Cup, AFL and NRL grand finals, the Olympics and the Melbourne Cup on Foxtel as well as free-to-air.

South Park Might As Well Have Just Nailed Foxtel To The Wall

I don’t mean to alarm you, readers, but some of the best shows on TV are being kept from us. Not everybody can afford Foxtel, which means subscribing to the basic package and paying extra just for the one premium channel that airs Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad is out of the question for people who dislike wasting money. Thankfully, Matt Stone and Trey Parker feel our pain, and nailed cable networks to the wall in this sketch.

The First Honest Pay TV Company Commercial

Cable companies are universally regarded as only slightly more popular than evil dictators, and a little less fashionable than certain strains of STDs. How do you fix something like that? Honesty!

FOXTEL Arrives On Samsung Smart TVs

Set-top boxes and internet-connected PVRs are so five minutes ago. Thanks to a new partnership from Foxtel and Samsung, the future is boxless.

Samsung Launching Foxtel and Olympics On Its 2012 TVs

Samsung’s launching its Australian 2012 range of TVs tonight, and it has just announced that it’ll be bringing Foxtel to its new TVs in July, along with eight free Olympics channels.

ACCC Approves Foxtel/Austar Deal

The ACCC has approved Foxtel’s long-awaited takeover of Austar, although it’s not without quite a few considerations.

Pay-TV Smartcard Hacking – How Easy Is It?

Over the last couple of days a small furore has erupted over allegations a News Corp subsidiary, NDS, has been hacking the pay-TV smartcards of News Corp’s competitors, and even News Corp’s own companies – allegations that NDS vigorously denies.

Rupert Murdoch Allegedly Employed Hackers To Destroy Pay-TV Rival

Everybody’s favourite octogenarian media tycoon is at it again. This time, Rupert Murdoch is accused of hiring hackers to crack a pay-TV rival’s encryption system and then post the hack on the internet in order to financially cripple them. It worked: they’re now bust.

Intel Wants To Start A Web-Based TV Service?

Just a few weeks ago we heard rumours that Google was plotting a pay TV service set to launch this year, and now a Wall Street Journal report has surfaced, suggesting that Intel is also planning to launch a web-based TV service in 2012.

Why 'TV Everywhere' Is Bogged Down In Negotiations And Pacts

When Time Warner and Comcast decided to make cable programming available to its American customers online three years ago, it was a great idea. But currently, the project is swamped by failed deals, long negotiations and ongoing disputes. What went wrong?

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