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One In Four Self-Made American Billionaires Dropped Out Of University

Bloomberg crunched the numbers on “self-made” billionaires in the US and found that about a quarter of them were college dropouts. Ten of America’s 43 self-made billionaires dropped out. One, Harold Hamm, never even attended college.

Bill Gates And Paul Allen Recreate Iconic 1981 Microsoft Photo

Back in 1981, Bill Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen pulled of an audacious feat: they licensed MS-DOS to IBM in a deal that saw them retain entire control of the software. To mark the occasion, the pair were photographed amid a sea of contemporary computers — and now they’ve recreated the image.

AWOL Soldier Tries To Steal The Identity Of One Of The World's Richest Men

The feds have locked up an AWOL soldier because he tried to use Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s identity to pay his bills. Oops.

Paul Allen Wants Your Legacy Hardware

Paul Allen, Microsoft’s “Idea Man”, is an aficionado of relic computing devices — the older and more obscure, the better. He collects them, along with rare WWII fighter planes, and shares this passion at his Living Computer Museum in Seattle.

US Government Powers Down SETI

SETI, the massive, international scientific effort to listen for life outside of earth, won’t be finding that life anytime soon, the Mercury News reports – too broke to continue, the project’s Allen Telescope Array is hanging up indefinitely.

Why Are Tech Founders Such Arseholes?

In the past couple of weeks, the co-founders of Microsoft and Twitter have been attached to the same kinds of unsavoury stories that have long dogged the people behind Facebook, Apple, Zynga and other top tech firms. What is it about computers and money that instills villainy?

Paul Allen Dishes Out Gossip On Bill Gates (And His Yacht)

Yesterday, a new book on Bill Gates and Microsoft hit store shelves – Idea Man. Only this one has been penned by Microsoft co-creator Paul Allen, who appeared on 60 Minutes to talk about the early days of Microsoft; the computers they were writing software on, and just what went wrong along the way between the two co-creators.

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Felt Betrayed By Bill Gates

Starting a business with your friend? Not always a good idea. Just look at Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with childhood friend Bill Gates. Allen is now a billionaire beyond belief, owning sports teams and super yachts, but his new book is taking jabs at Bill Gates and makes it look like Allen was more important in Microsoft than he really was.

What Happened To The People In Microsoft's Iconic 1978 Company Photo

It’s one of the most iconic photos in American business. It’s one of the most iconic photos in American business. But whatever happened to Microsoft’s first 11 employees? We found out.

Apple And Google Tag-Teaming Paul Allen Over Patent Attack

You might recall Paul Allen’s August bombardment of seemingly every tech company in the US over some rather tenuous patent accusations. Google and Apple? Not havin’ that. The two are teaming to have the case dismissed with a legal counterattack.

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