Parrot's New MiniDrones Coming To Australia In August

Parrot has two new pint-size drones coming to Australia next month. The ‘MiniDrones’, as they’ll be known when they’re on store shelves, are smaller and simpler than the AR.Drone, as well as a fair bit cheaper, and they’re available for preorder right now.

Parrot's New Bebop Drone Wants To Be Your Eyes In The Skies

Thanks to the the FAA’s recent decision to allow civilian drones into public airspace, the skies above us could soon be swarming with helpful robo-fliers. To that end, Parrot’s newest model acts as a personal aerial surveillance system — albeit for only 12 minutes at a time.

Parrot's New Drones Fly The Mini Skies And Bite Your Ankles

Parrot’s AR Drone 2.0 won a place in our hearts for flying high yet being easily controllable from our favourite iOS and Android devices. The company’s just taken that concept and then miniaturised it, with the Parrot MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo.

SkyJack Lets You Hunt Down And Hack Other Drones From The Air

It was only a matter of time before someone started hacking drones, and now Samy Kamkar has released all the hardware and software required to build a drone that can hunt and hack others as it flies — creating an army of zombies along the way.

Dock Your AR Drone With The ISS And Teach A Spacecraft New Tricks

In an effort to improve autopilot systems aboard spacecraft, the European Space Agency has released a free iOS app that works with Parrot’s AR Drone and lets amateur pilots practise a simulated docking with the International Space Station.

Growing Plants Just Got A Lot Smarter With Parrot's Flower Power

Parrot, a company more famous for making the AR Drone, is attempting to smarten up your garden with the Flower Power. It’s a Bluetooth sensor that looks like a cute little tree branch that you place inside your flower pot to measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertiliser. Basically, you’ll know exactly what each of your plants need in real time.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Less Than $600

The technology driving wireless headphones has not yet reached its full potential. But over the past few years, Bluetooth has advanced to a point that less than $600 can buy a pair of headphones with decent audio and respectable battery life. We rounded up four pairs and let ‘em duke it out to see if any pair has stamina and sound you could truly call excellent.

How To Turn A Drone Into A Vicious Flying Taser Of Doom

See those silver stripes around the circumference of this Parrot AR drone? They’re not there for decoration or style. They’re actually strips of aluminium tape that’s wired into a capacitor from a disposable camera’s flash. It means that when — not if — this drone bumps into someone, they’re going to get a particularly unpleasant shock, as you can see what happened to its creator’s arm.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review: Your Own Private Predator

“Holy shit. I’ve got my own flying drone. I’m basically the CIA and a spaceman all in one civilian package. I’m going to fly a drone, I’m going to get arrested, and I’m going to be a hero.” After pulling one of Parrot’s AR Drones out of the box and experiencing this understandable reaction, you start to think about what you’re really dealing with — a flying robot, controlled by your phone, with a camera that records the world below as if you’re sitting in a tiny cockpit.

Hands On With Parrot's AR Drone 2.0

The original AR Drone was a great novelty gadget; does the version two model iron out some of the kinks? I went hands-on with Parrot’s unique quadracopter.

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