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This Video Is Every TED Talk Ever

Video: TED Talks were forever shamed by that skewering The Onion gave them a few years ago, but this commentary on what every TED Talk is like from CBC’s This Is That is pretty perfect. It breaks down the things that every person does at one of these talks, including the structure of their speech, the repetition of phrases, the movements onstage, the specific cadence they use and the endless graphs they pummel into our brains.

Amusing Parody Video Perfectly Skewers All Those Precious Food Videos

Video: We all love watching cooking videos, and we all gasp and drool over food documentary videos. We simply can’t stop ourselves. But the truth is, this trend is totally silly and a lot of is treated way too seriously. It’s just food, after all.

Kristen Wiig And Jeff Daniels Refuse To Save Chris Rock In This Martian Parody

Video: During the Academy Awards, we were treated to parodies of Joy, The Revenant, The Danish Girl and The Martian; some were short and sweet (The Revenant) while some were a little surreal (The Danish Girl). For our money, the best one by far was the spoof of The Martian. It turns out, that film would have been a very short if it had been about a black astronaut stranded on the red planet.

NBC Is Trying To Shut Down The Parody Website Spreading Lies About A Breaking Bad Reboot

Did you hear the news that Yelp was suing South Park? Or that Breaking Bad was coming back for another season? Neither is true. But you can blame one website for starting these fake rumours:, a “parody” site with no affiliation to NBC. And NBC wants them to stop.

Sesame Street Parodies The Avengers With Silly Vegetable Superheroes 

Video: Here’s another fun Sesame Street parody. This time, they poke fun at The Avengers by pretending them as a group of vegetable superheroes. I just love how Cookie Monster is The Hulk. I mean, it makes perfect sense.

Sesame Street Sums Up The Plot Of Game Of Thrones In Funny Parody

Who knew that Game of Thrones could be summed up with a simple game of musical chairs? Sesame Street did that’s who. Following up their on point parody of House of Cards, the muppets are back to teach kids about Game of Thrones. Well, minus the violence and sex and evil human plotting.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Parody Out Already

Want the new Samsung Galaxy S6? Don’t even think about buying one until you have watched this hilarious Sex Edge-ucation parody video!

Hilariously Horrifying Parody Of Every Commercial For Kids In The '90s

I don’t know if ridiculous ’90s style commercials like this completely disappeared or if it was just because I stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons, but I totally miss getting sold diabetes or useless toys from overexcited kids and crude special effects and weird parents. This parody of those ’90s commercial nails them.

Fantastic Iron Man Parody Turns A Regular Iron Into A Superhero

This parody makes absolutely no sense until it makes perfect sense. And that moment is when Tony Starch gets outfitted with the Iron Man Iron suit. I mean, the animation is pretty well done throughout the parody but that scene when the Febreze-like spray bottle turns into an Iron just slayed me.

The Forbidden Top Gun Trailer The Studio Should Have Made

Somewhere, in a long-forgotten vault at Paramount Pictures, there must be an old Betacam tape containing the trailer for the real Top Gun, the version that the executives didn’t have the guts to distribute. The one that shows that this is the most homoerotic movie since Ben-Hur. It probably looks like this.

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