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VMware Updates To Support Windows 10

Want to bring the (surprisingly good) power of Cortana to your MacBook? Well, there are now two options.

Parallels 11 Can Put Microsoft's Cortana On Your Mac

Parallels, the virtual machine go-to for Macs alongside Apple’s own Boot Camp, has another annual update, bringing Windows 10 to your Mac. However, this year Parallels adds one feature previously unknown to common Mac users — a virtual assistant.

Parallels Desktop 10 Makes Running Windows On A Mac Less Annoying

Being locked into one software ecosystem is the cruel fate that awaits anyone who loves technology. On our desktops and smartphones, we build prisons with companies who want our complete fealty to their apps and services.

Parallels Access Transforms Your Desktop Apps Into iPad Apps

Parallels Access turns your iPad into a porthole to your more powerful (and heavier) Windows or Mac computers somewhere else. Connecting the your iPad to your remote machine through the cloud is the (relatively) easy part. The real magic is how Parallels Access elegantly shrinks your desktop applications into manageable tablet apps.

Parallels 8 Supports Mountain Lion, Windows 8

Mac: Parallels Desktop — one of our favourite virtualisation apps for the Mac — has upgraded to version 8. The latest update includes support for both Mountain Lion and Windows 8, making it easy for Mac owners to run an OS X environment while accessing Windows apps.

Lunchtime Deal: Mac Superbundle $US49

Personally I find the whole Mac/PC argument tedious in the extreme; I’m a Mac user who’s quite happy to run Windows as well, but doing so can be a costly exercise in hardware and virtualisation software. The latest in the seemingly never-ending stream of budget application bundles takes some of the cost sting out, offering up Parallels Desktop 7 along with nine other Mac apps for $US49. [Mac SuperBundle via OzBargain]

Parallels 7 Gets Lion-Friendly Features, Android Support

Mac/iOS/Android: The next version of virtualisation software Parallels, which lets you run Windows software on your Mac, is coming September 6, but current users can upgrade now to get support for Lion features like full-screen viewing, simultaneous webcams usage, and more.

Parallels Desktop 6 For Mac Beefs Up 3D Support

Parallels Desktop, many a Mac user’s go-to solution for getting Windows on their Apple machine, just announced version 6.0, increasing support for 3D games and applications, enabling the same shortcuts across operating systems and making things snappier all around.

Parallels Thrashes VMware Fusion When It Comes To Graphics

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There are two popular options for virtualisation software: VMware Fusion and Parallels. But which is better? MacTech did a detailed comparison and they found out that there was an obvious winner when it came to handling graphics.

How To: Run Windows In OS X, The Right Way

If you’re anxious about switching from a PC to a Mac, consider this: There are a multitude of ways you can virtualise Windows within OS X, and they all work uniquely well. Here’s how to choose the right one.

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