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You'll Probably Buy These Justice League Paper Clips For Just The Batman One

The same way you really only buy sugary breakfast cereals for the smattering of marshmallows they include, this $US20 ($28) tin of Justice League paperclips is still worth every last penny even if you toss all but the ten Batman clips it comes with.

How The Humble Paperclip Became A Secret World War II Symbol

Today I found out that the paperclip was used as a symbol of resistance during World War II. In April of 1940, just a few months into World War II, Adolf Hitler knew that he needed a way to break past the Allied blockade of Germany if he had a hope of winning the war.

Australian Red Cross Shows How A Paperclip Could Bring About The End Of The World

Metro’s “Dumb Ways To Die” safety video displayed, in fantastic fashion, how clever humour (and a catchy jingle) can help spread a message. While it might be obvious that a speeding train or tram can hurt — a lot — the Australian Red Cross is keen to get the word out about the evils of the common paperclip and how, through a series of innocent mishaps, this most banal of stationery could destroy Earth.

Here's Hoping These Clever Paperclip Headphones Don't Sound Like Crap

Most office drones assume paperclips can only be used with stacks of documents. But somewhere out there, someone has realised that the clipping power of paper clips could keep control of an annoying headphone cable — and now we have a brilliant solutionfor wrangling earbud wires.

Thumbs-Up Paperclips Let You Like In Real Life

If it’s nearly impossible for you to tear yourself away from Facebook and deal with the real world, perhaps these amusing thumbs-up paperclips will help ease the transition away from your phone. They’re even multi-purpose, letting you express your like or dislike for a given document by simply flipping it over.

Hybrid Paperclip USB Drive Is Not That Clever

At first glance, a paperclip/USB flash drive hybrid seems like a good idea, right? You can hand someone a secured stack of documents that also includes a digital version of all the files. And a built-in one-inch ruler is bonus functionality.

iPhone Icon Paperclips Appify Your Office Supplies

What will you tell disgruntled employees when you have to lay them off because you chose to spend $US7 on sets of 5 iPhone icon paperclips hmmm? [Etsy via iPhone Pulse]

DIY iPhone/iPod Dock Made From Notebook Clips

If you’re still high from the thrill of bending out your own paperclip iPhone stand, now you can continue wasting your workplace’s time and office supplies with a dock made from notebook clips. It’ll only work with the default cable or accessories that use a similarly shaped plug, but the end result is a pretty slick little accessory — definitely better than the precarious original. The build process isn’t difficult but does take a little while, but with stuff like this that’s half the point. [MAKE]

The Paperclip iPhone/iPod Touch Stand

If $US100 is just too much for you to pay for a homemade iPhone stand, then this paperclip version might be a better option. And to anyone who has ever paid more than 50 cents to hold any pocket electronic, hopefully this fan-made pwnage will keep your money in your pocketbook/child savings accounts next time. [via Lifehacker]

USBFever Reinvents iPhone 3G SIM-Eject Tool, Sells it for US$3

When Apple reinvented the paperclip for the famous SIM-eject tool, it was at least a free gizmo, included in the package. USBFever clearly thought there was a gap in this market though, and have reinvented the reinvention. The new SIM-eject tool has a rubber-bung top that allows it to be stored in your iPhone 3G’s headphone socket ready to be whipped out at a moment’s notice when you need to change the SIM card. Probably only for really frequent SIM-swappers who don’t use headphones, though, since it will cost you US$3. [USBFever]

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