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Now You Can Stream Adam Carolla On Your Smartphone

Downloading his podcasts every morning and loading them onto your phone is one way to listen to Adam Carolla on the way to work, but it’s such a 2005 way of doing things.

Kobo Ebook Apps Now Available For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre Devices

The Kobo ebook apps are free and now available for your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Palm Pre devices. This means that you can easily purchase, access, bookmark and read your ebooks on the go. [Kobo via CrunchGear]

ZumoDrive Apps Stream Media On Your Phone

Whether you’re carrying an iPhone, Android or Palm Pre device, there’s an app available to access ZumoDrive’s cloud service. This means that you can stream nearly all your media and view most documents over Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge.

Don't Worry Palm, Everything's Gonna Be Alright

If two new fart apps in one day isn’t a sign of a maturing App Catalog, I don’t know what is. Rest easy for once, Rubinstein. For once. [Palm]

Palm Couldn't Pick A Better First Paid WebOS App Than Air Hockey?

The first webOS paid app is Air Hockey, coming in at $US1.99. It might not be a mindblowing game, but Rome wasn’t built by Air Hockey apps (or something). [Palm via Engadget]

Palm Pre App Catalog Update Delayed, iTunes Syncing Coming Back

Yesterday: a steady slog of disappointment for Pre owners, who glumly looked on as their Pres received exactly no updates, no paid apps and no influx of App Catalog listings—all of which they’d been expecting. What gives?

Palm Getting Pummelled With App Submissions For The Pre

Good news for Pre owners — Palm has literally been overwhelmed with app submissions on the heels of tomorrow’s launch. As Palm Developer Community Manager Chuq Von Rospach notes, the approval process has got off to a rocky start.

Palm Paid Apps Coming On September 24th

Palm’s paid e-commerce beta program finally has a firm launch date—September 24. As previously noted, Palm developers that have been accepted into the app program will receive 70% of the proceeds from sales. [Digital Daily]

The Easy Way To Add An Onscreen Keyboard To Your Palm Pre

To the chagrin of devoted hard QWERTY enthusiast, and to the joy of people who think it’s dumb to have to slide out an entire keypad just to type the letters “OK”, the Pre got its first onscreen keyboard last week. One problem! The installation process was complicated, dangerous and intimidating so I recommended most Pre-ers wait for a simple installer.

Uh, What's Going On With Palm's App Catalogue?

When Palm lets new any new apps into the App Catalog, it’s news. Why? because there are only, like 40 apps to start with, and since additions are hand-chosen, they’re usually pretty great. Then, there’s this batch.

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