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You Might Be Paying GST On Any Online Purchase Over $20 Real Soon

Ready to pay the GST on pretty much all of your online purchases? You may not have a choice: state Treasurers will be meeting with their Federal counterparts soon to vote on lowering the GST-free threshold on online purchases down from $1000 to $20.

RFID Parcel Sensor Knows If Your Delivery Has Been Dropped

When I was a Christmas postman, many years ago, some of the bored guys in the sorting office’s loading bay liked to play a boisterous game of “catch” when parcels marked “video recorder” and “fragile” arrived. How they guffawed when one landed in the bottom of a skip with a sickening crunch, ruining somebody’s Christmas.

Watch This UPS Employee Steal The iPad Mini That FedEx Just Delivered

Vimeo user alversae has posted a video which shows a UPS delivery guy wander up to the front of his house and steal his daughter’s Christmas present — an iPad mini — right off the porch where it had just been left by FedEx.

Amazon And 7-Eleven In The US Want People To Pick Up Packages Whenever They Want

Amazon and 7-Eleven in the US are now teaming up to address the problem of waiting and missing packages in the form of a parcel locker. In fact, it sounds pretty similar to a concept that Australia Post is trialling in Brisbane.

The Reason Why You Never Get Your Packages On Time

Those UPS guys certainly spend a lot of effort avoiding us, don’t they! I get those delivery attempt notices so much that I can’t help but think this video is true.

Who Ships Those 300 Million Holiday Packages, Visualised

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or least, if you’re in the parcel delivery business. But who exactly is doing the brunt of the shipping this holiday season? Here’s how it breaks down.

Which Shipping Company Treats Your Packages Better?

It’s time to order presents in and probably send packages out. To me, a crucial question is: What’s the best shipping company? Who treats my stuff better while in transit? Popular Mechanics made a scientific test. Here’s the result.

Your Packages Never Arrive Because UPS Employs Ninjas

An eagerly anticipated package that never seems to come. Frustrating! You track it online, you wait diligently at home—and yet, all you get is a HEY SORRY WE MISSED YA notice. So that’s how they pull it off.

What A Package Hears As It Travels Across Europe

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What’s does being shipped sound like? A student at the Royal College of Art in London shoved a dictaphone inside a parcel and sent it off to Helsinki to find out. Here, charmingly animated, is what it heard.

Do You Know When Fedex Drops Your Package? Senseaware Does

Package-tracking sensors aren’t super new, but Senseaware is one that’s unique because it tracks multiple criteria – temperature, location, drops and light exposure – and updates those to the web constantly. Useful when you’re transporting organs and not MP3 players.

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