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Scientists Just Discovered The Origins Of Oxygen In The Universe

A team of researchers just confirmed the presence of oxygen in a galaxy 13.1 billion light years away — the furthest oxygen has ever been detected. Their findings suggest that this may have been the first oxygen to form in the early universe.

A Spoonful Of This New Material Can Suck Up A Whole Roomful Of Oxygen

A team of scientists in Denmark have invented a crystalline material that can absorb oxygen with astounding efficiency. How astounding? Well, a single spoonful of the stuff can suck all of the oxygen out of a room. The best part is that it can release it again with just a little bit of heat. Say goodbye to bulky oxygen tanks.

Fitmodo: How To Climb Higher Than Mt Everest Without Leaving The City

Who knew such extraordinary altitudes could be found, hidden inside the towers of Manhattan’s Flatiron District? But, behind the nondescript door of a fifth floor office on 21st St, heights as great as the Himalayas are waiting to be scaled. Gizmodo took a deep breath and visited the atmospheric wizardry of Hypoxico, makers of high-altitude training facilities for professional sports teams and the world’s top endurance athletes.

Using Plasma To Clean Glass Is Amazing, Plus Hilariously Roundabout

So there’s Windex, but if that’s feeling too cleaning product-y for you, be aware that you can also clean glass with pure oxygen plasma. Sure.

Charcoal's Way More Fun In Liquid Oxygen Than It Is In Your Grill

All the cool kids know that playing with fire is totally awesome, but there’s only so much you can accomplish with the tools available to your everyday pyromaniac. Scientists can have a bit more fun, and this slow-motion video of liquid oxygen tossing around a chunk of flaming charcoal is a great chance to live vicariously.

What Would Happen If The World Lost Oxygen For Five Seconds?

Sure, our supervillains are more of the geopolitical type, but it’s inevitable that some day a mad scientist will come along with an oxygen-stealing ray. And, when he does, as this Buzzfeed video — based on an imaginative Quora thread — points out, we’re all in a whole lotta trouble.

Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing

This may seem like something out of a science fiction movie: researchers have designed microparticles that can be injected directly into the bloodstream to quickly oxygenate your body, even if you can’t breathe anymore. It’s one of the best medical breakthroughs in recent years, and one that could save millions of lives every year.

How Earth Got Its Oxygen

If you’re currently living on our pale blue dot, you should thank it for becoming inhabitable for us human folk. Specifically, you should look down and thank its mantle, because scientists are saying that Earth’s cooler mantle allowed it to develop oxygen. You know, that thing we breathe to live.

Sydney's Oxygen Bar: Is It For Suckers?

I’m a big fan of breathing. You’re probably the same. But would you pay a buck for a minute’s worth of “flavoured” oxygen? Sydney’s newest bar is built on that premise.

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