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Looks Like A Russian Cybergang Hacked Into One Of The World's Largest Payment Systems

According to a report by security blogger Brian Krebs, Oracle’s popular MICROS point-of-sale terminals support website was commandeered by a Russian cybergang. This is bad since MICROS is in the top three most popular payment systems in the world.

The Maker Of Java Is Seeking $US9.3 Billion From Google

There is a long-running legal battle between Oracle and Google over the use of Java, an Oracle product, in Android. In the latest court filing, Oracle is shooting for the moon: $US9.3 billion in copyright damages from Google.

Oracle Deleted Its Insane Rant Against Security Hackers But You Can Read It Here

Oracle’s security chief Mary Ann Davidson published a rambling screed against the security research industry, bug bounties, and reverse engineering on the company’s corporate blog. Oracle took it down, but the rant is one of the most impressively incoherent jeremiads to come out of Silicon Valley. And that’s saying something.

Larry Ellison's Oracle Started As A CIA Project

Yesterday, Vox somehow managed to write an entire article about the history of Oracle and its founder Larry Ellison without mentioning the CIA even once. Which is pretty astounding, given the fact that Oracle takes its name from a 1977 CIA project codename. And that the CIA was Oracle’s first customer.

6 Tech Company Slogans That Mattered

Intel’s always been a bit of a brand machine — remember the “Intel Inside” stickers? — and on Tuesday it upheld that tradition. In a pivot from the sort of stodgy “Sponsors of Tomorrow” slogan, the company is going with the hacker-friendly “Look Inside.” How much can a new slogan really matter though? A lot, if history is any guide.

Oracle's Latest Java Fix Is Still Broken, Better Learn To Live Without

Remember that big zero-day Java vulnerability the Department of Homeland Security was all worried about? Well, Oracle fixed it. Oh wait, no. That latest Java fix still has a big ol’ hole. It’s time to abandon ship, folks.

Even The US Department Of Homeland Security Wants You To Disable Your Java

We’ve been concerned about the security of Java for a while now. There was that vulnerability that affected like a billion computers, and Apple went so far as to remove Java plugins from all OSX browsers. Now even the US Department of Homeland Security is in on the act with a special message: “Yo, shut off that Java jazz.”

How The US Air Force Wasted $1 Billion On A Failed Software Plan

The US Military makes its fair share of mistakes when it comes to technology — but over the weekend, the New York Times revealed that even upgrading a single software system can go horribly wrong for it.

Could Nokia Win The Map Battle?

Nokia is to be part of a big mapping tie-in with the enterprise giant Oracle. Given the current map furore, and bearing in mind that Nokia Maps is actually good, this could be the Fins’ big chance: maybe, just maybe, Nokia could sneak through the backdoor and claim a victory.

The List Of Google's Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It To Be

Well, to be fair, any list of bloggers is going to be less fun than any expectation you could possibly have for it. But this list of who commented on the Oracle vs Google trial while also being paid by Google? Dud.

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