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OQO Shuts Down Repairs, Discontinues Phone Lines

It’s not a surprise, but ailing UMPC company OQO has just stopped support service and closed down their phone lines, citing “financial constraints.” That’s pretty much the end of OQO. [OQOTalk via Engadget]

OQO Model 2+ Production Is Unlikely, Company Not Doing So Hot

OQO’s pre-order cancellation and recent trouble lead us to believe that the company’s not doing so well, which SVP Bob Rosin confirms by saying that their Model 2+ production is “unlikely”. [BuildYourUMPC via BBG]

OQO Cancels All Pre-Orders, We Come to an Obvious Conclusion

Despite widespread speculation about the company’s health, OQO has been fairly coy about their financial situation. Now, they’ve cancelled all pre-orders for their upcoming Model 2+ UMPC. Sort of like a dying company might do!

Rumour: Handheld PC Maker OQO Not Long for This World

Despite their high prices and high return rates, we’ve always had a soft spot for OQO. But the recent resignation of a CEO, retailer problems, and messageboard rumblings don’t bode well for their future.

OQO Model 2+ Is +10 Awesome: OLED Touchscreen, Global 3G and Speed UP

Not much left to divulge beyond what leaked already about the OQO Model 02+: It’s newly endowed with a stunning OLED touchscreen, global 3G and faster 1.86GHz Atom CPU. But! It’s only $US1500. And pics!

OQO Model 02+ to Launch at CES With OLED Screen, Atom Processor, Touch Technology

OQO will launch a revamped version of their Model 02 UMPC, dubbing it the Model 02+ and endowing it with an OLED display, embedded touchscreen, Worldwide 3G internet, and a 1.86 GHz Atom processor.

OQO CEO Resigns, Might Not Mean Good News For the UMPC Maker

Dennis Moore of OQO has just resigned as their CEO. It’s rarely good news when your CEO resigns and says he found a better opportunity elsewhere, but we’re hoping the startup continues to refine their UMPC into something everyone can get behind. [Dennis Moore Blog via Gotta Be Mobile]

OQO and Garmin Join Forces to Offer Model 02 GPS Unit

OQO fiends, you love your Model 02, right? Well the package just got sweeter as Garmin and OQO have collaborated on a GPS setup made especially for the OQO Model 02. It includes a USB GPS module, car mount, charger and interface software. But it costs US$237 and requires you already own a Model 02. Still, it looks pretty damn cool to me. [OQO via Boy Genius Report]

OQO Running OS X Leopard: The Smallest Mac in the World?

Forget the Psystar business—this Hackintosh is much more interesting. A member of the OQOTalk forum has demonstrated his OQO running a hacked version of Leopard. It takes over two minutes to load but it looks like it’s all there, including such goodies as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, power management and sound. Check out the video to see a (blurry) demo of it in action from the dual-boot startup, including showing coverflow working in Finder and a Dashboard launch.

OQO Going 64GB SSD and Sunlight Viewable Screen Version

OQO Model 2 just got a 64GB SSD storage option and Sunlight viewable screen [Dynamism]

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