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Source: OnLive Filing For A Form of Bankruptcy, New Company to Take Its Place

OnLive, the pioneers of cloud gaming, are in dire straits and are preparing to file for a form of bankruptcy, a source inside the company told Kotaku today. An OnLive spokesperson maintains that the OnLive service, which enables people to stream games to their computers and tablets without the need for dedicated hardware, will continue. But it seems as if the company itself is hitting some very hard times.

OnLive Desktop Now Available For Android Tablets

Just like with the iPad, the OnLive Desktop service — which provides remote access to a server-powered version of Windows 7 — is now available for Android tablets for the same five bucks a month.

Streaming Office To Your iPad Is Terrifying And Wonderful

OnLive, venerable streamer of PC games to tablets, has a new trick up its sleeve: putting Windows 7 on iPads and Android tablets. Oh really? Thanks a lot, OnLive. There’s officially nowhere left to escape work. And the worst part? It works. Really. Well.

Hack May Let OnLive For Android Run In Australia

The OnLive service renders console and PC games in the cloud, then streams them to your computer or mobile device. Some believe it’s the future of gaming. But though OnLive hit the Android Marketplace in December (and Xperia PLAY support arrived last week), the service has yet to launch in Australia. Officially that is. This Android Package (APK) may well let you unofficially access the service from our shores.

OnLive For Android Could Make Xperia Play Worth A Damn

On paper the Xperia Play seems like a good idea. An Android phone with a slide out gaming pad. Then it was released and everyone yawned. Today’s OnLive announcement could turn those yawns into Woohoos.

Telstra Planning Online Game Subscription Service

Bummed that OnLive isn’t really on or live in Australia? Apparently, your depression is soon to come to an end, with Mitchell Bingemann at Australian IT reporting that Telstra is working towards launching a similar video game subscription service next year.

OnLive's Streaming Game Service Now Built-Into Vizio TVs, Tablet And Smartphone

OnLive’s streaming game service has been baked right into Vizio’s VIA Plus TVs, plus their tablet and smartphone. It’ll work through an app, with 1080p res and stereoscopic 3D gaming.

OnLive Viewer For iPad Brings Pleasures Of Video Game Voyeurism

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Cloud-based gaming service OnLine has been developing briskly over the last half year. Their first move onto the iPad, the free OnLive Viewer app, doesn’t let you play games but rather lets you watch them as they’re being played. Huh!

$US10 Gets You Flat-Rate Plan On Onlive's Game Streaming Service

OnLive’s video game streaming service just got more appetizing, with a $US10 flat-rate PlayPack plan to get all the games you can eat for one price. The only caveat is that you don’t get ALL games OnLive has.

OnLive MicroConsole Streams Cloud-Rendered Games To Your TV

OnLive, the streaming game service, has matured really fast in just five months. I liked the original public release, when it was on just computers, but now it’s come to a console that plugs into your TV. I like it.

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