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One Laptop Per Child Isn't Quite Dead Yet

Fans of the One Laptop Per Child program were shocked and saddened to hear of the organisation’s imminent demise this week. There’s only one problem: OLPC isn’t actually dead. Despite what some blogs are reporting, the organisation is alive and well… just not as alive and well as it once was.

Ethiopian Kids Hack OLPC Tablets In 5 Months With No Help

Give a thousand Ethiopian kids — who have never seen a printed word let alone played around with expensive consumer technology — a tablet, and what happens? They hack it. Obviously.

OLPC's Latest Tablet/Computer Coming In 2013

The OLPC Foundation is still on their quest to bring technology to less developed parts of the world, and the latest plan is to release the XO-4 Touch in 2013. It will be a tablet/laptop hybrid with a 7.5-inch, multitouch display designed for constant exposure to sunlight and a low-power Marvell chipset.

OLPC XO 3.0 Hands-On: $US100 Wonder Tablet

Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child initiative has historically been more about promise than fulfilment. But in the $US100 XO 3.0 tablet, OLPC may have its first product that’s not just practical, capable or cheap. It’s actually… good.

The First Pictures Of The $100 OLPC Tablet

Just hours ago we reported that the One Laptop Per Child project was going to unveil their $US100 tablet at CES. And now we have some of the first official photos of the highly affordable, yet extremely durable device.

The $100 OLPC Tablet Is Debuting At CES

Building on its success with laptops designed for developing countries, the One Laptop Per Child project is set to unveil a long-awaited tablet at CES next week. Here’s what you get for $US100.

New OLPC Idea: Literally Throw Them At Children From Helicopters

The One Laptop Per Child project has had a long, noble, bumpy road. The dream of getting computers into every small third-world hand hasn’t arrived yet, but now there’s a new plan: toss ’em out of helicopters.

$US35 Dollar Tablet Will Cost $US20, Eventually $US10

The Indian government has revealed its super-super-low-priced tablet computer, which it says it’ll start selling to students this year – for $US35. It’s a bit bulky, but for $US35 you can’t really whine about the bezel size.

OLPC XO-3 Dream Tablet May Come True After All

Last December, One Laptop per Child’s XO-3 tablet was an impossible dream: semi-flexible plastic, multitouch, thinner than an iPhone, all for $US75. And while a Marvell partnership helps breathe life into XO-3, it won’t be last year’s fantasy device:

I Wonder How Many More OLPCs This Fake Ad Would've Sold (NSFW)

Do I even need to explain that a video entitled “One Laptop Per Third World Noob” might be a bit tasteless? Sure, I chuckled at the stick figures and the lewd child pornography references, but I’m also a terrible person.

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