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The OLEDs Of The Future Could Be Inkjet Printed

In the future we should hope for all of our displays to be OLED; it’s thin, light, deep with colour, and energy efficient to boot. It’s also incredibly expensive. That could soon change though thanks to a jumped-up inkjet printer.

Samsung Flexible OLED Concept Video Shows How Kids Will Waste Time In The Future

Pretty much every major electronics company is dreaming of a time when they can mass produce flexible, versatile OLED screens. And as this concept video from Samsung shows, the technology is going to blow the iPad out of the water.

Art Lebedev's Optimus Mini Six Keyboard May Be Down, But Isn't Out

After being hit with delays, Art Lebedev’s scaled-down Optimus keyboard, the Mini Six, has finally hit the production line, the company confirmed via their LiveJournal (yes, really.)

Origami Yourself A Colourful OLED Light

Fold up the hinged, colourful OLED triangles into the shape of your choosing to illuminate your desk or bedroom. Check out the video to watch them in action… Just a couple more folds and I think they’d have a crane…

Bye Bye OLED, Hello LCD For Some HTC Phones

You know how OLED screens, like in the Nexus One, are sort of hard to make? Well, shortages mean that HTC’s swapping in LCD screens for OLEDs in the Desire, and possibly other 3.7-inch-screen phones, like the Incredible.

DuPont's Prints 50-Inch OLED Panel In Under Two Minutes

DuPont has excelled where no man has before – demonstrating the first OLED panels to be printed, and in under two minutes no less. Using a Dainippon Screen multi-nozzle printer they successfully created a 50-inch display.

Temperature-Adjusted OLEDs Simulate Sunlight

OLEDs are known for having a kind of clinical coldness to the colour gamut (read: “blue-ish”), but a Taiwanese researcher has worked out a way to up the temperature to the point where it comes very close to simulating sunlight.

The Hunt For The Perfect Screen

As I stood in the corner of a small, cluttered optics lab at MIT, the professor flipped a switch. The room filled with an electrical buzz, and suddenly a holographic video popped out at my face.

Flexible OLED Bracelet Looks Like Something We've Seen Before...

We told you flexible OLED displays were really coming now, complexity be damned, and this wearable one for your wrist is another example of why we’re totally right.

Samsung 14.1-Inch and 31-Inch OLED TVs Are Now 'Production Ready'

Talk of 14.1 and 31-inch OLED TVs from Samsung has been going on for some time now, but decent-sized units have not materialised on store shelves thus far. Hopefully, that will change soon as Samsung deems these new AM OLED sets “production ready.”

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