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The Entire Internet On A Floppy Disk

It really speaks to our youthful naivety when we could imagine ourselves shrilling, “ooh, the Internet is all in this awesome, pocketable floppy disk. We have arrived”! Though I guess some of our parents and even un-techsavvy friends would still believe such a thing. [Unplggd]

It's Amazing How Many Parts And Pieces Are Inside A Typewriter

I’m literally shocked at how many parts are inside a typical typewriter. I really thought it would be one of the easiest gadgets to make, I mean, who knew there were so many connectors, screws, wires, cables and a million other metal objects I can’t even describe. Just take a look at the picture and think how hard it would be to re-build the damn thing.

Computer Icon Notebook Lets Me Jot My Notes Down

This computer icon notebook is just perfect for the guy who balances new technology with old school knowhow. It’s like doing things the old fashioned way but with a wink towards technology. Buy one for $US10. [Brigada Creativa via DesignMilk]

In The 90s, NES Graphics Were Best Viewed Up Close

Now, this is a story all about how…Wow, this pretty much hits the early-90s on the head. Baseball Stars, Nike Ultra Force kicks, Mariah Carey CD, those pants! But where’s the SNES? I mean, he was the Fresh Prince, right?

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