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Electronic Sticky Notes Will Eliminate All Those Post-Its Stuck To Your Computer Screen

Personal computers were supposed to all but eliminate the need for paper, but one look at your sticky-note-covered screen tells a different story. Researcher Tobias Große-Puppendahl may have created the perfect compromise, however: An electronic sticky note that can replace all of your little yellow reminders.

Star Wars AT-AT Organiser Wrangles Your Charging Cables In The Most Clever Way Possible

Does your desk perpetually look like the aftermath of a battle between the Empire and the Rebellion? Take control of all that chaos with the same weapon the Empire used to topple the Rebel base on Hoth, an AT-AT, and bring order to your galaxy. Or at least your office supplies.

This Vibrating Pen Would Be Great For Prison Tattoos 

When artist Georges-Pierre Seurat painted his famous A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, he painstakingly added every dot of paint, one by one, until his masterpiece was complete. It was a technique that’s come to be known as pointillism, and thanks to this vibrating electronic pen, the process is now far less excruciating.

10 Lies You Shouldn't Tell Your Doctor

Doctors have this nasty habit of asking a lot of questions, many of which make us uncomfortable or self-conscious. So we bluff. A lot. Here are 10 typical lies we tell our doctors, and why these seemingly innocuous fibs are hazardous to our health.

This Is What A $3,000 Box Of Coloured Pencils Looks Like

Fashion mogul and designer Karl Lagerfeld has realised that the adult colouring book fad isn’t going away any time soon. But instead of cashing in with his own line of colouring books, he’s collaborated with Faber-Castell on a set of coloured pencils that will set you back $US2,850 ($3,791). Come again?

Office Supplies Turn This 3D-Printed Plastic Tube Into A Throwable Dart

There are blogs, books and endless YouTube videos dedicated to re-purposing office supplies into everything but productivity tools. But with this 3D-printed plastic tube you can easily turn a thumbtack, a few sticky notes and your office’s cork board into a game of darts.

You'll Purposely Make Mistakes Just To Use This Dog Scooting On Its Butt Eraser

If you’re wondering who still uses pencils, it’s anyone who wants to correct their mistakes using this wonderful eraser that’s shaped like a dog scooting its butt across the floor. There is nothing not to love about this creation from Slam Design.

It's OK To Put Star Wars Toys On Your Desk When They're Fancy $2800 Pens

Unless you work at a startup that’s trying desperately to be hip, adorning your desk with mountains of Star Wars toys probably isn’t encouraged. But when you pay £1400 ($2872) for a fancy pen from S.T. Dupont Paris that just happens to look like a spaceship, you can display it wherever you want.

You'll Probably Buy These Justice League Paper Clips For Just The Batman One

The same way you really only buy sugary breakfast cereals for the smattering of marshmallows they include, this $US20 ($28) tin of Justice League paperclips is still worth every last penny even if you toss all but the ten Batman clips it comes with.

These Erasers Turn Pens Into Swords

The sword is mighty, but they say the pen is even mightier. So by our calculations, whoever wields these adorable PenSwords will be utterly invincible, right? At least no mistake will ever stand in their way.

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