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Office Supplies Turn This 3D-Printed Plastic Tube Into A Throwable Dart

There are blogs, books and endless YouTube videos dedicated to re-purposing office supplies into everything but productivity tools. But with this 3D-printed plastic tube you can easily turn a thumbtack, a few sticky notes and your office’s cork board into a game of darts.

You'll Purposely Make Mistakes Just To Use This Dog Scooting On Its Butt Eraser

If you’re wondering who still uses pencils, it’s anyone who wants to correct their mistakes using this wonderful eraser that’s shaped like a dog scooting its butt across the floor. There is nothing not to love about this creation from Slam Design.

It's OK To Put Star Wars Toys On Your Desk When They're Fancy $2800 Pens

Unless you work at a startup that’s trying desperately to be hip, adorning your desk with mountains of Star Wars toys probably isn’t encouraged. But when you pay £1400 ($2872) for a fancy pen from S.T. Dupont Paris that just happens to look like a spaceship, you can display it wherever you want.

You'll Probably Buy These Justice League Paper Clips For Just The Batman One

The same way you really only buy sugary breakfast cereals for the smattering of marshmallows they include, this $US20 ($28) tin of Justice League paperclips is still worth every last penny even if you toss all but the ten Batman clips it comes with.

These Erasers Turn Pens Into Swords

The sword is mighty, but they say the pen is even mightier. So by our calculations, whoever wields these adorable PenSwords will be utterly invincible, right? At least no mistake will ever stand in their way.

Erase Your Mistakes With The World's Greatest Architectural Landmarks

Mistakes aren’t always set in stone, and neither are these miniature versions of iconic architectural landmarks from around the world. They’re actually made from rubber, so you can use them as erasers, or just leave them around your desk to make you feel like a giant.

Spock's Home Office Would Include This USS Enterprise Desk And Chair

Adam Savage recently built his own flawless replica of Kirk’s captain’s chair, but the talented designers behind Super-Fan Builds have taken that idea to the next level by turning the entire USS Enterprise into a glowing computer desk and office chair that looks ready to hit warp nine.

Why Is The Paper Clip Shaped Like It Is?

When you think of paper clips, you immediately think of a specific form — the familiar round-ended, double-loop design. The wire trombone shape. But that’s only one variety of clip; the “Gem,” which gets its name from a British company called Gem Manufacturing Limited, which, even if it wasn’t directly involved with the development of the clip, was clearly able to market it well enough that the name stuck. There are many different (and some might say better) types of paper clip.

This Sharpener Turns Tiny Stubs Into Longer Pencils

If you stop and think about it, it’s almost impossible to use an entire pencil, because, after repeated sharpening, you eventually end up with a tiny unusable stub. What a ripoff. There’s a solution to that problem though: a clever new sharpener with multiple blades that lets you stack a stub onto a brand new pencil and keep using it until it’s completely gone.

This Spartan Organiser Defends Your Desk Against Clutter

Even though the majority of your work day is probably spent staring at a computer screen, somehow your desk gets cluttered faster than you can clean it. So following up on its Spartan-themed knife block, the talented and fully-digited woodworkers at Missing Digit Woodshop have created a desktop version that can now hold pens, pencils, styli, a letter opener, and even sticky notes.

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