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Twitter Has Lost The Fight To Keep Your Private Tweets Private

Welp, looks like your tweets really aren’t protected by law. After months of haggling with the courts, Twitter has finally turned over the protected tweets of Occupy Wall Street protestor Malcolm Harris after his arrest in October.

If You Tweet And Delete Your Crimes In The US You Will Still Go To Jail

Everyone screws up and occasionally tweets something they shouldn’t. Thanks to services like Topsy, deleting your 140-character flub has never been a foolproof way of erasing your misdeed, but we always thought it was good enough to keep us from getting busted. Now a judge says even deleted tweets can be used against you in court. Stop tweeting illegal stuff people!

Occupy Wall Street And The War To Free All Internet

The “Occupy Movement” might be nebulous, but it’s at least a stirring cross-section of ideas. One of them, as followed by Motherboard’s latest doc, “Free the Network,” was the idea to create an internet owned by the people. It kinda worked.

Occupy Lego: Because Plastic Bricks Aren't All Fun And Games

I’m glad Lego allows children (not to mention adults) to indulge in some escapist fantasies. But what they really need is a hard dose of reality served up in brick form. Slate’s imaginary Lego Civil Unrest series is the perfect example!

This Is The Pepper Spray Police Used On UC Davis Protesters

We’re awaiting confirmation from UC Davis police, but after examining photos and videos of the incident, this is what we believe campus police used against the Occupy Wall Street protesters at UC Davis this weekend. It’s nasty.

Paranoid Millionaires Spending Big On James Bond Security

When you’re among the reviled 1 per cent, it’s probably more difficult than ever to sleep at night knowing there’s a protest movement growing against you. And although it poses no threat, Occupy Wall Street is spurring a security shopping spree.

7 Tools For Occupying Wall Street

You might think a mobile phone, a light jacket and an opinion are all you need before heading down to your local Occupy Wall Street protest. But here are seven other useful tools that will keep you prepared for whatever happens while you’re taking it to the streets.

Printing Infographics On Money Shows Reality Of Occupy Wall Street

There’s something going on with Occupy Wall Street — good, bad, monumental, anarchy, I don’t know — but there is a clear disparity between the 1 per cent and the 99 per cent, and the voice of the 99 per cent is slowly ringing louder. Here’s one way to get the 1 per cent to pay even more attention: taint their money.

Anonymous Takes Down NYSE Site For Two Sad, Short Minutes

Everyone’s favourite hacktivists, Anonymous took down the New York Stock Exchange’s site today for two terrifyingly boring minutes.

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