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Get The Entire Story Behind Helvetica, Objectified And Urbanized

Have you seen Helvetica, the documentary about typography? Or maybe Objectified, the doc that tackled design? And what about Urbanized, which dug into the design of cities? You probably have. If you haven’t, few documentary series capture things Gizmodo cares about more than Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy. Watch them.

My New Coffee Plunger Is Not Only Beautiful, But Makes Delicious Coffee

When I spied this French press, AKA press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetiere or сafetière à piston (in France), my heart went a-flutter. I think it’s so pretty.

Aussie Bench Records Your Arse Heat

You! You’re full of body heat. Your blood is boiling. Maybe just figuratively. But you’re not just a pile of molecules, you’re throbbing with vitality. This bench by Australian designer Jay Watson shows it to the world. Thermochromatic bumprint!

Samsung Uses Science Fiction Against Apple In Legal Defence

Apple is giving Samsung a legal pummelling because it thinks the latter stole the iPad’s design for the Galaxy Tab. So far, the fight’s going well for Apple. But Samsung has something up its sleeve: Apple ripped off science fiction.

Gift Guide For Design Lovers

I go through the world marveling at the objects around us—from lamp posts to toothbrushes to buildings to sailboats—looking for details, craftsmanship, function, beauty, and purpose. If you know someone nutters like that, here are some gift ideas:

Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment In Objectified

Objectified, Gary Hustwit’s look at the world of industrial design, featured a lengthy section on Apple Chief Designer Jon Ive — and now that clip is online for impatient Apple fans to see.

Objectified Review

Do you ever stop to realise that another human being carefully conceived and designed every object you will touch today? It’s a pretty amazing thought, and after Objectified, you’ll be thinking it more often.

Objectified's Wonderful Gadget-Filled Movie Poster

Hot of the presses is forthcoming design documentary Objectified‘s awesome one-sheet poster by Build, which is a veritable visual history of industrial design. How many silhouettes can you name? Updated with high-res file

Inside Jonathan Ive's Apple Design Lab

The guys behind forthcoming gadget design doc Objectified recently filmed Apple Chief Designer Jonthan Ive at work in his secret Cupertino lair. I am now even more excited for this movie.

The World's Best Gadget Designers Speak in Objectified

newVideoPlayer("/objectified_trailer_2.flv", 596, 356,""); As he did for Helvetica’s namesake typeface, Gary Hustwit gathered the world’s top designers for his forthcoming documentary Objectified, telling the story of the magic behind the objects we use every day.

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