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New Zealand-Made Jetpacks Get Ready For Public Demonstration

I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the jetpack revolution would originate in New Zealand yet, here we are. The Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft Company (yes, the same guys who are outfitting firefighters in Dubai with their hardware) is preparing a public demo of its jetpack next month in China and has kindly filmed its contraption in action for our benefit.

Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Best Stories

HTC One Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened The all new HTC One has launched overnight in the US, and we were there. We’ll also cover tomorrow evening’s Australian launch.

HTC One M8 2014: Everything You Need To Know Here’s all the nitty-gritty detail on the One M8, including specifications, design and availability.

The New HTC One M8 Is Real, And It’s Gorgeous Feast your eyes on its metal beauty.

Jawbone UP24 Finally Released In Australia It’s been a long time coming, but one of our favourite fitness trackers is finally here.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand The Kogan online empire grows some more.

This New Zealand Beach House Was Built For Its Beautiful Views

Built almost entirely from sourced timber, the Tutukaka Beach House is a stunning, modern home, located about two-and-a-half hours outside of Auckland on the northwest coast of Northland.

After Just Two Days, NZ ISP Shuts Down Its Region-Skipping 'Global Mode'

Well, that didn’t last long. 48 hours after turning the switch on its geo-block bypassing service “Global Mode”, New Zealand ISP FYX has shut down the whole shebang after attracting “a lot of heat from up high”.

Street View To Launch In NZ Tomorrow?

Considering the massive success that Street View has had here in Australia (not to mention the controversy), the fact that is reporting that Street View is likely to be launching for our Eastern neighbours across the pond tomorrow is great news. Not just because it means we can scope out our ski trips in advance, but because we like seeing any form of technology land over there in NZ.


New Zealand crazy man screams for Jobs

A crazy man in New Zealand ran a woman down and then crashed into a church. When cops tried to pull him from his car, he “clutched his laptop computer and screamed the name of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs.” [The Register]

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