The Invisible Electronic Fields That Surround Your MacBook

You might view your laptop as a nice, neatly contained unit — but there’s more bursting out of it than meets the eye. In fact, all of its electrical components create complex magnetic and electric fields that spread far and wide, and this video shows you their reach.

Alienware's Hefty New Light-Up Laptops Are Available Now

E3 is on right now, and along with the new consoles, we’re also getting treated to a new line of Alienware laptops. The new trio of machines boast fresh 700M series Nvidia graphics and Intel’s new 4th generation Haswell chips, along with a new look that’s more like that X51 tower (which is getting its own guts update) but chunky as ever.

The New MacBook Air Comes With Intel's Awesome New Processor

Today’s golden children may be iOS 7 and all things software, but that doesn’t mean the actual machines running that software are being tossed to the wayside. Confirming recent rumours and stock shortages, we are officially seeing Apple’s super skinny MacBook Air get a much-deserved refresh.

Report: Apple Almost Certainly Has New MacBook Airs To Show At WWDC

Compounding previous reports of global stock shortages of Apple’s slim-line MacBook Airs, plus the rumoured product numbers we saw the other day, now some leaked pricing supposedly points directly to a new MacBook Airs. 9to5Mac reports that it managed to get a sneaky peek at the pricing for the previously leaked SKUs, which confirms that they are indeed for four new MacBook Airs in a pair of spec levels for the two screen sizes, 11 inches and 13 inches.

Report: Apple Will Unveil New MacBooks At WWDC Next Week

Compounding the recent stock shortages of Apple’s MacBook Air, it seems Cupertino’s not-quite-so-airtight seal has leaked a few new model numbers. They point to either a refreshed MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with retina display waiting in the wings for WWDC.

Hell Yes, Razer Made The World's Most Powerful Small Windows Laptop

Yep, this might be incredible. The new Razer blade is a 14-inch monster… ultrabook. With a discrete Nvidia GTX graphics card. Basically, this is the smallest, most badass gaming laptop-cum-ultrabook we’ve seen.

Intel Says Haswell Will Extend Laptop Battery Life By 50%

Intel has just made one very, very big claim: it reckons that its new Haswell chip will boost the battery life of laptops by a staggering 50 per cent.

This Is HP's Take On The Retina Display MacBook Pro

HP has just announced a big overhaul of its Envy and Pavilion ranges. Most of the updates are fairly uninspiring — apart from the company’s take on Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro.

DODOnotes iPhone Notebooks: Sometimes Nothing Beats A Pen And Paper

The whole hip pocket notebook fad is getting a little tired, but DODOcase — the makers of some gorgeous premium cases for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices — might have just revived it with its new DODOnotes iPhone-friendly notebooks.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Laptop? (And What's Next From Intel)

So your trusty laptop is starting to show its age. No one can blame you for wanting a new one, but when should you pull the trigger and buy?