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HP Just Built A Gaming Laptop

Once upon a time, a tiny company called VoodooPC built some of the most incredible gaming computers around. Now, its owner HP is paying homage with the Omen — the first serious gaming laptop the company has ever made.

How Do You Make A Laptop Uglier? Hello Kitty Helps...

I don’t mind bright red laptops, but this laptop, courtesy of Mouse computers, is just plain… no. It’s incredibly wrong on just about every single level.

Samsung May Buy HP's PC Business Says Digitimes

Samsung has reportedly talked to manufacturers like Quanta Computers and Pegatron about outsourcing notebook orders. The Korean company is eyeing HP’s PC business and would need outside manufacturing help. It’s an interesting proposition. Too bad it’s a rumour. [Digitimes]

Lenovo Y470 And Y570: The Fastest-Booting Windows PCs In The Land

Lenovo’s Y470 and Y570 have a lot in common with the other second-generation Intel Core PCs storming CES. But not if you’re in a hurry. Then the only thing you’ll notice is that they boot in under 10 seconds.

ThinkPad Edge E220s And E420s: Hot New Guts And Accents To Match

What started as an unsure experiment has blossomed into a solid lineup of tweener PCs. There are four ThinkPad Edges now, each packing second-generation Intel Core processors. And the E220s and E420s might actually make you forget they’re business machines.

Computer Icon Notebook Lets Me Jot My Notes Down

This computer icon notebook is just perfect for the guy who balances new technology with old school knowhow. It’s like doing things the old fashioned way but with a wink towards technology. Buy one for $US10. [Brigada Creativa via DesignMilk]

Samsung Bends The Edges Of Its New SF Notebook Range

Samsung’s new SF laptop series is designed to draw “admiring advances” thanks to its glossy exterior and curvaceous case. It’s Alienware for ladies.

ASUS' Skinny UM30 Laptop Look Familiar, With That Aluminium Body And Black Bezel?

A record for ASUS’ laptop range, the UM30 measures just 19.6mm thick, and while there’s nothing particularly special inside, we do happen to think it looks rather smart. You know, for an ASUS.

Dell 14z Laptop Reviewed: Pretty Slim, Pretty Light, Pretty Cheap

Laptop Mag took a look at Dell’s new optical drive-less, 14-inch thin-and-light 14z laptop and, for the most part, liked what they saw. It’s a very solid performer for its class, the price is right and it’s nice and slim.

Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse With 4000dpi For Tiny Hands

After years of proclaiming wireless ain’t good enough for real gaming mice, Razer’s got a Bluetooth notebook mouse. Otherwise, Orochi is what’d you expect from Razer for $US80: 4000dpi, 7 programmable buttons, and onboard memory for storing your macros.

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