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New 8GB Nook Tablet Is Official, Will Cost $US199

Rumours circulated yesterday that a cheaper Nook Tablet was on its way, and now it’s official. Barnes & Noble is launching an 8GB version of its tablet, to go on sale for $US199. Yes, that does make it a direct Kindle Fire competitor.

New 8GB Nook Tablet Launching Feb 22?

According to leaked documents seen by The Verge, Barnes & Noble is launching an 8GB version of its Nook Tablet this week. That drop in capacity means one thing: it’s planning to match or undercut the Kindle Fire.

The Dead Simplest Way To Root Your Nook Tablet

If you’ve manage to get a Nook Tablet shipped to your fine self here in Australia, good news! We’ve seen the Nook Tablet rooted before, but this has to be the easiest process out there. All you need is a 2GB SD card, a computer that runs Windows, and a Nook Tablet with tablet software version 1.4.1 or earlier.

Nook Tablet Teardown: A Kindle Fire By Any Other Name?

A new ebook reader, another teardown by iFixit. But what did they find lurking beneath that oddly shaped plastic case of the Nook Tablet, and just how different is it to the Fire?

Nook Tablet Is Better Than Kindle Fire (But Only If You're Clumsy)

Prone to dropping your electronics? Watch this pair of awkwardly dressed tech journalists dropping tablets onto concrete. Yes, it’s annoying. Yes, it’s waste. No, it’s not actually journalism. But it does turn out that the Nook Tablet is best if you’re a klutz.

Nook Tablet Review: More Power Doesn't Mean More Performance

It’s been a year since Barnes & Noble’s Nook colour first hit store shelves. But the biggest question about the Nook Tablet isn’t if it’s better than its predecessor. It’s how it holds up against some very convincing competition.

Nook Tablet: Faster, Thinner, Lighter Kindle Fire Killer?

The Nook Tablet isn’t a completely new product or a radical overhaul of the Nook colour. It’s still a 7-inch tablet packing wi-fi and 16GB of storage, but now with a dual core processor. How does it stack up against the Kindle Fire?

New Nook Leak: Faster, Lighter Media Monster

The details of the next Nook have been leaked and SlashGear got em. With the Barnes & Noble event scheduled for the 7th, the timing seems about right.

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