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Nokia N900 Hacked With Froyo, While Androids Are Still Waiting

Nokia would be doing much better if they’d announced last week that along with ditching Symbian for high-end devices, they were adopting Android too. Sadly they’re sticking with Maemo – but as this video demonstrates, you can Androidise it yourself.

Nokia N900 Smartphone Is The Mobile Computer You’ve Been Waiting For

Nokia’s latest offering stands out in the smartphone market for all the right reasons: Linux-based Maemo OS, PC-like performance and extensive customisation options. OK, so it’s got pretty decent guts, but what about the rest?

Satisfy Your Need For Speed With The Nokia N900

We’ve seen it power a robot, dual-boot Maemo and Android, and even run Starcraft and Duke Nukem. How many smartphones have the guts to do that? The Nokia N900, clearly, is a smartphone that overperforms thanks to its high-end hardware specs.

Nokia N900: The Smartphone That Runs Linux-Based Maemo OS

We don’t see or hear nearly enough of it, but the Maemo smartphone platform is powerful, open source and performs on the Nokia N900 on a level that’s comparable to the experience you get with a desktop computer.

Carry On Your Conversations Anytime, Anywhere With The Nokia N900

If you can’t bear the thought of being disconnected from your IM friends while you’re out and about, you’ll be happy to hear that there is an irresistibly simple way to carry on all your conversations without unwanted interruptions.

Niko The Nokia N900-Powered Lego Mindstorms Robot Receives Commands From Twitter

Twitter’s good for a lot of non-passive-aggressive activities, like controlling Lego Mindstorm robots. This time it’s not a HTC Hero pulling the shots though – it’s one of those ultra-hackable Nokia N900 phones.

Nokia N900 Hacked Into A Remote Trigger Flash For Nikon D40

It’s subconsciously getting drummed into us from all sides, but just in case you haven’t heard it yet: the Nokia N900 is the most hackable phone around. It may not be the best phone, but it sure is open source.

Use A Sixaxis Controller To Play Emulated Games On Your N900

You’ve made a PS3 controller out of a Nokia N900, but all you really want is to use a Sixaxis controller to play emulated games on the device. Thanks to these instructions, now you finally can.

Firefox Mobile 1.0 Burrows Onto Nokia N900s

Firefox Mobile crawled into its first pockets last night, going live on Maemo5. The mobile version retains the full awesomeness of the Awesome Bar and includes WeaveSync for keeping tabs, passwords and bookmarks straight across desktop and mobile versions.

Watch The Nokia N900 Dual-Boot Maemo And Android

Though it’s only a proof of concept for now, this clip shows the hack-friendly Nokia N900 dual-booting Maemo and Android. It’s just a taste, but as Brandon says, “its real and it could be spectacular.”

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