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Nigeria's Using A Biometric ID Card That Doubles As A Debit Card

Make all the “Dear Friend” email scam jokes that you want — Nigeria now has one of the most sophisticated government-issued ID systems in the world. A new nationwide card that rolls out this week collects biometric information to prevent fraud and includes a debit card feature backed by MasterCard.

An Entire City Under Construction To Save Another From Climate Change

The African nation of Nigeria is experiencing many familiar problems in our age of climate change: rising sea levels, storm surges, devastating flooding. Now its coastal city Lagos is going to outrageous lengths to protect itself, both environmentally and financially, by building an entirely new city the size of Manhattan between it and the ocean.

Why Scammers Say They're From Nigeria

We all get them: scam emails that claim to be able to make us millionaires overnight. But why are they so terribly unconvincing? And why do they even admit to being based in places like Nigeria? One Microsoft researcher claims to have the answer.

152-Passenger Airliner Crashes Into Apartment Building

152 passengers may have died in a crash in the Iju Ishaga area of Lagos, Nigeria. It seems that the aeroplane — from a company called Dana Air — crashed into a two-storey apartment building just after taking off. Witnesses say it hit a power line, but there is no official cause yet.

Some Nigerians Think That A Phone Call Can Kill

For a country technologically advanced enough to clog my inbox with offers of untold wealth as long as I reply with my Social Security number, a surprising number of Nigerians actually think that they can receive a demonic phone call that will kill them instantly upon answering.

Some Airport Employees Use Body Scanners As Personal Nudie-Vision Goggles

We’ve heard of airport employees abusing body scanners to get naughty looks at their coworkers, but now we’re hearing that some security officials at a Nigerian airport might be using them like personal nudie-vision goggles.

Tired Of Malware Attacks? Move To Africa, The Safest Web Region

Despite the masses of negative publicity heaped on the continent by the famed Nigerian spam industry, Africa is actually one of the world’s safest places to go online in – featuring seven of the 10 nations least attacked by malware.

In Nigeria, Opera Is Used By Nine Out 10 Scammers

This world map of mobile browser usage is interesting. Some figures, like the iPhone/iPod’s presence in almost every major market of the world, are not surprising. Others are funny.

Nigeria Clamping Down On Scammers With Project Eagle Claw

The awesomely named Project Eagle Claw is an effort to shut down Nigerian email scams and improve the nation’s image. Apparently the initiative is well underway — already officials have made 18 arrests and shut down 800 sites.

Nigeria Settles on Mandriva Linux, Not Windows, for its Classmate PCs

The Nigerian government finally agreed to run Mandriva’s Linux build on its portion of an order of 17,000 Intel Classmate PCs. The 2GB Wi-Fi laptops were initially scheduled to have Mandriva Linux, but then Microsoft apparently got into a bidding war, offering up a low-priced Windows version. On Halloween, things turned fugly.

The pot boiled over on the 31st, when Mandriva’s CEO François Bancilhon all but accused Steve Ballmer of dirty dealing in an open letter. Wow! I’m impressed, Steve! What have you done to these guys to make them change their mind like this? It’s quite clear to me, and it will be to everyone. How do you call what you just did Steve? There is various names for it, I’m sure you know them.

That is one angry Frenchman. Now, the final(?) word is that the Nigerian government will take delivery of 11,000 Classmate PCs with just Mandriva Linux; the other 6,000 laptops still might get Microsoft’d. The Mandriva build comes with a “unique launcher application which makes it easier to access the most commonly needed applications” as well as anti-theft applications, educational tools and a content filter, lest there be an OLPC porn fiasco all over again. [Mandriva via Electronista]

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