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UK Scientists Think Vaping Has 'Huge Potential'

A new UK report concludes that e-cigarettes are a blessing rather than a curse, arguing that the potential health benefits greatly outweigh the risks. After taking a look at the growing body of scientific evidence, researchers at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have concluded that e-cigarettes aren’t quite the devil’s tool that many are making it out to be.

How To Kick A Bad Habit

After our call to stop drinking bottled water, we asked for reader advice for how to kick a bad habit. You responded with with hard-earned wisdom and tips for how to cut back or cut out everything from sugar to smoking. Here’s how to break free.

Self-Assembling DNA Could Make You Immune To Cigarettes

Nicotine, the reason why people smoke, chew or snort tobacco, is hard to quit. The American Heart Association says nicotine is about as addictive as heroin or cocaine, which explains why your cig-sucking coworkers get so grumpy and antsy leading up to a smoke break. Since quitting is so difficult and relapsing is so easy, scientists are eyeing vaccines that make addicts immune to nicotine.

95,200 Pieces Of Chewed Gum Make Up The World's Largest And Grossest Gumball

That gigantic yellow stained ball of goopness? It’s made from 95,200 piece of chewed Nicorette gum. It’s the love creation of Barry Chappell, who started rolling his chewed gum into a ball back in 2006. Six years later, it’s now 62 inches in circumference and weighs 175 pounds of rubber, saliva and nastiness. People are crazy.

Study: Nicotine Is Good For You

Nicotine patches significantly improved attention and memory in older people suffering from mild cognitive impairment, which often leads to Alzheimer’s, according to a new study.

Could Schizophrenia Be Treated With Nicotine?

Smoking is bad for you blah blah we know. But you couldn’t really tell that to the 80 per cent of American schizophrenic patients who smoke. The jury is still out on why that number’s so high, but could some form of treatment come out of this?

Magical Anti-Smoking Vaccine Sounds Awesome, Doesn't Exist

NixVAX was supposed to be this magical vaccine that helped smokers kick the habit. Awesome, right? Yeah! Too bad it doesn’t work. In testing NicVAX, researchers found that it performed no different than a placebo. As in, it did nothing.

FDA Deems E-Cigs As Bad As The Real Thing

Put down that e-cigar, Mark! The FDA has ruled that electronic cigarettes, cigars, and similar devices contain known carcinogens and slammed them for being marketed to younger age groups.

USB Cigar Puts Your Laptop One Martini Away From Benderhood

We appreciate a good electronic cigar, but we never imagined that we could roll our own with USB storage.

Electronic Cigar: Marlboro Man Enters the Digital Era

Electronic cigarettes are OK. But when you need to tell the world that your tobacco habit is tops, you need an electronic cigar.

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