Nexus 9 Review: Google's Flagship Tablet Is Nothing Special

A fleet of new Nexii are here; a phone, a tablet, and a set-top-box. The first to touch down is the Nexus 9, Google’s second attempt to make a big Nexus tablet that can hang with the iPad. It’s not a total whiff, but it’s no home run either.

Google Play Now Has Nexus 6 Stock, Who Knows How Long It Will Last

The Nexus 6? Yeah, so popular was the device when it first came out in December last year that it sold out straight away, leaving everyone else crying into their perfectly functional but nonetheless outdated Nexus 5s. Now, almost two months later, Google Play once again has stock for most models, with you want to grab it from the source.

The Nexus 5 Isn't Dead, It's Just On Hiatus

Despite rumours suggesting that Google’s wonderful Nexus 5 had met its untimely demise, we’ve confirmed with Google that the Nexus 5 isn’t gone for good. At least not yet.

Nexus 6 Teardown: A Big Beast Full Of Beautiful Guts 

The Nexus 6 is Google’s new (and wonderful) behemoth flagship, so of course the folks at iFixit took the first opportunity to vivisect it for your pleasure. Inside that big, beautiful body is plenty of room for the requisite guts: A big battery, badass brains, and even a secret LED.

Get A Cheaper Nexus 9 From Kogan, If You Don't Mind Waiting

Buying devices directly from Google has always been a decent option if you’re price-conscious, but there are times when other suppliers — even local ones — can beat the source. Such is the case with the Nexus 9, which you can grab now from Google or, if you’re willing to wait a couple of weeks, a bit cheaper from Kogan.

Nexus 6 Review: It's Time To Go Big

The Nexus 6 is f**king huge. It’s also the best big phone I’ve ever used. Hell, it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever touched. I never want to give it up. It’s that good.

Lollipop Is On Its Way To Nexus Devices

Android is finally rolling out its highly anticipated Lollipop update for new(ish) Nexus devices, which now joins the second-generation Moto G and Moto X Pure Edition as the only Android smartphones blessed with the update.

I Can't Believe How Great Android Lollipop Is So Far

Android 5.0 Lollipop just started rolling out. Like all Android operating system releases, it’ll probably take a week or two to filter down even to Nexus devices, and maybe a month or two before it starts showing up elsewhere.

But in the meantime, I’ve been using it on the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, and the developer preview on my beat-up Nexus 5. Not long enough to really soak it all in, but enough to have some general thoughts — the foremost of which is that Android Lollipop is great.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Is Here

Anyone blessed with a Nexus or Google Play edition device will soon be able to enjoy Android’s latest software masterpiece, Lollipop, as now appears on the newly released Nexus 9. An official blogpost announces that Lollipop will begin its public rollout today though it’s light on specifics and upcoming over-the-air availability.

Nexus 6 Hands-On: So Big, So Beautiful

Google broke more than a couple of hearts when it announced that its new Android flagship, the Nexus 6, was going to be a whale. Now that I’ve seen it up close, I can tell you that, yes, this sucker is huge. But that’s not a bad thing.

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