Why Google Might Just Kill The Nexus Dead

Since its inception, Google’s Nexus line has been a showcase for pure, untouched Android in some of the finest hardware available. It’s produced probably the best Android phone yet. And Google would be crazy not to kill it.

Watch Every Single Nexus Phone Speed-Tested At The Same Time

The Nexus 5 is here, and it’s the best Android can offer. But the Nexus line has come a long long way from its beginnings back in 2010, both in design and performance. How far? See for yourself.

Watch The Entire History Of Nexus Phones In Just Three Seconds

The Nexus 5 is finally here, and it looks lovely. But it was a long road to Nexus 5 greatness, and with this GIF from the folks at GadgetLove, you can speed down it in just three seconds.

Nexus 5 Review: The Best Android Can Offer (Especially For The Price)

This year, after having leaked more than a shot-up sieve, the long-awaited Nexus 5 is here with Android 4.4 (KitKat) in tow. It’s most definitely one of the best phones you can buy, even if it doesn’t quite meet its inflated expectations.

Rumour: Google's Nexus 8 Tablet May Be Hiding In Plain Sight Online

A few rumours suggested Google might be planning an 8-inch Nexus tablet earlier this year, but nothing came of it. We got the new Nexus 7 and were happy about it. However, this pic may show the next slightly bigger thing being used by a Google promotional person. Nexus 8, anyone?

How The Nexus 5 Compares To Its Toughest Smartphone Competition

Finally, the long-awaited Nexus 5 has arrived in the form of five inches of pure, unfiltered Android just the way Google always intended. That all sounds nice, but as Google’s flagship response to other big dogs like the iPhone 5s and Lumia 1020, does the refreshed Nexus have the specs to keep up with the competition (at least one paper)? We put together the comparison charts below to find out.

Nexus 5 Leaks Again For 'Pre-Registration' With A Full Spec List

Stop me if you’ve heard this before but… the Nexus 5, probably the most anticipated Android phone right now, popped up on the internets before it was officially announced.

Possible Leaked Nexus 10 Renders Make It Look Like An Enormous Nexus 7

So the Nexus 10 is a pretty good tablet, especially for its price. But the 10-inch Nexus tabs just never caught on the way the 7-incher did. Now, a leaked press render from Phone Arena is showing off a (possible) new style: giant Nexus 7.

Where's The Cheapest Place To Get A 2nd Gen Nexus 7 This Weekend?

Ah, shopping. Well, shopping for gadgets. It’s almost like weekends were designed to separate your dollars from your wallet, purse or other currency container of choice. If you’re in the mood for an Android tablet, particularly Google’s second generation Nexus 7, there are a couple local retailers selling it at a discount.

The Nexus 5 Accidentally Pops Up Early On Google Play For $350

Google’s worst kept secret and possibly best upcoming Android phone has just unofficially revealed itself in the most official way possible… inside the actual Google Play Store.