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The New York City Subway Was Another World In 1980

The annual Armory Show has kicked off in New York City, showcasing art from around the world, although perhaps still most widely known for its controversial 1917 show, when Marcel Duchamp displayed a repurposed urinal as art and the minds and morals of the art world collectively exploded.

Mad Men-Era Legend Milton Glaser Designed The New Posters For Mad Men

84-year-old Milton Glaser — one of the world’s most sought-after graphic designers, who left an indelible mark on advertising in the 1960s — has designed the posters and promotional pieces for the next and final season of Mad Men.

9 Of The Most Beautiful Buildings Ever Torn Down In The US

The years between 1880 and 1920 changed American cities completely: From lifts to air conditioning to electricity, the monumental buildings born during this period seemed like living things, humming with life. But as quickly as they rose, many of them were torn down — victims of the same progress that pushed them up.

Watch This Guy Snowboarding Through The Streets Of New York

Casey Neitstat got out his snowboard yesterday, tied a rope to a Jeep, and zoomed through the streets of New York. He even went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and snowboarded down the stairs covered with snow. Same in Central Park.

New York Wants To Kill All Of Its Invasive Swans

Swans: elegant symbols of romantic love or terrorisers of plants, small children, and aeroplanes? The non-native mute swan has been wreaking enough havoc in New York City that the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation wants to declare it a “prohibited invasive species.” By 2025, under the proposed plan, there will be virtually no more wild mute swans in all of New York.

New York City's Charming Water Towers Are Actually Bacteria-Filled Horrorshows

Ah, New York — the sparkling skyline! The bustling streets! The… poop-filled water tanks? According to a new report from The New York Times, the city’s roughly 17,000 water tanks are totally unsanitary and widely unregulated.

So It's Really, Really Cold In New York

New York’s ice-choked East River — seen from Pier 1 Playground in Brooklyn — is evidence of the extraordinary cold temperatures gripping much of the central and eastern United States this week.

New York City Is Using Data Mining To Fight Fires

Helmets? Check. Breathing tanks? Check. Hoses? Ditto. Algorithms? Yep: the New York City Fire Department is using data mining to predict which of the city’s buildings are at highest risk of catching fire. Now that’s metadata we can get behind.

22 Images From New York City's Golden Age Of Bridge Building

These days, we tend to think of New York’s bridges as traffic obstacles. But at the turn of the last century, the bridges that sprang up in thickets around Manhattan’s shores were objects of wonder and civic pride — near magical pieces of infrastructure that took many years (and lives) to build.

An Entire Apartment Built Out Of Five Shipping Containers

In Brooklyn, New York, a married couple built an entire apartment out of five shipping containers for $US50,000. The home is built on a lot that’s only 6m wide and 12m deep. You can watch a video about its construction here.