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In The US, Netflix Has Quietly Been Throttling Mobile Video For Years

Netflix has been a vocal supporter of net neutrality of years, but behind the scenes, it turns out the company hasn’t been treating all customers the same. In the US, Netflix confirmed to the WSJ that it has been restricting the bandwidth of video for customers on AT&T and Verizon for five years.

How To Prioritise (and Delete) Wi-Fi Networks In OS X

OS X lets you take command of all the wifi networks your laptop has logged in its memory, so your machine won’t try and connect to the next-door coffee shop before your home network. Here’s how to trim down the list and make sure you’re connecting to the right networks first.

This Beautiful App Lets You See The Mobile Towers, Wi-Fi Signals, And Satellites Around You

You’re aware that your mobile service comes from mobile towers. And that your mapping app is made possible by GPS satellites. And that Wi-Fi signals deliver your fail videos. But the sight of that invisible world is breathtaking.

Nokia Networks Is Testing Tech That Promises Faster Cellular Data

Nokia Networks has announced that it’s going to test out pCell, the new cellular data system created by Steve Perlman which embraces large quantities of mobile devices to actually speed up data provision.

Australia's 4G Is So, So Much Better Than The US

We’re always being told the U.S. is now lagging behind other, more industrious nations in science and technology and basically anything that isn’t spending on the military. How much is it lagging, though? Here is a depressing graph to help quantify that.

This Cisco Design Flaw Is So Bad, It's Almost Unbelievable

You’d like to think products as critical as network infrastructure are rigorously tested before they hit the market. Not always! A few years ago, Cisco was forced to issue a warning because of a serious design flaw that’s so dumb I almost can’t believe it ever shipped.

We're Closer To An Encrypted Internet Than You Think

Two thirds of all North American Internet traffic could be encrypted by 2016. No, it’s not because of privacy activists. It’s actually because of Netflix.

Pro/Con: Why Google's Fi Could Be Awesome And Terrible

Today, Google announced its very own wireless network in the US. Just $US20 a month for unlimited call and texts, plus $US10 per gigabyte of data. No contracts or termination fees. Google will even refund your unused megabytes. Sounds awesome. So what’s the catch already?

The Plan To Build An Undersea Cable Around The US -- And Why We Need It

There’s a new undersea cable in the works, unlike any system that’s been built before. It is almost 10,000 miles long. It winds under the Arctic Ocean, from the United Kingdom, over Canada, and down to Japan, offering the fastest possible route between London and Tokyo. It stops on icy Canadian shores along the way, providing internet access to small communities entirely dependent on spotty satellite connection. And what’s really new: the cable is made possible only by climate change. Melting Arctic ice is making way for giant cable ships.

5 Sad Facts About America's Ridiculously Slow Internet

Anyone who’s ever stared glass-eyed at a Netflix video that won’t load or stuttered through a glitchy Skype call knows that the United States leaves its citizens starving for bandwidth. But the latest data in Akamai’s annual “State of the Internet” report presents some pretty depressing statistics about American’s slow, shitty internet.

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