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Neil Gaiman's Interworld Potentially Rescued From Development Hell By Hamilton Producers

The producers of Broadway’s insanely successful (and oh-so-good) musical Hamilton have decided to turn a YA novel from Neil Gaiman into a TV series — a novel which was optioned by Dreamworks Animation as a movie way back in 2007, and then essentially disappeared.

American Gods Casts Dane Cook As Mortal Douchebag

Comedian Dane Cook has joined Bryan Fuller’s TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods. He’ll play Robbie Burton, the non-divine best friend of protagonist Shadow Moon, who takes care of Shadow’s wife and job while he’s in prison. I think you can see where this is going.

Neil Gaiman To Tackle Norse Mythology With A New Nonfiction Novel

Neil Gaiman’s love of Norse myth has roots deeper than Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and he’s just announced that his next book will be a non-fiction retelling of those myths — but done in an “almost novelistic” style — inventively titled Norse Mythology.

The BBC Are Making A Radio Play Spinoff Of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

A few years ago, BBC Radio 4 produced a fantastic adaptation of Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman’s sprawling urban fantasy series (turned novel) about a mysterious world hidden below London. Now the Beeb is returning to London Below for a spinoff based on one of Gaiman’s own short stories set in the same universe.

Well, The American Gods Show Is Looking Pretty Much Perfect

We’ve been hearing about American Gods‘ excellent casting choices for a while now, but now we can see a few of them in action — new images have been released giving us our first look at Mr Wednesday, Shadow Moon and a memorable location from the book to boot.

Gillian Anderson Is The Newest Addition To American Gods' Intriguing Cast

The TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has added another star to its roster: Gillian Anderson. This isn’t the most shocking news ever, since Anderson previously worked with American Gods executive producer Bryan Fuller on the late, great Hannibal. But it is awesome news, because GILLAN ANDERSON!

A New Neil Gaiman Documentary Reflects On The Author's Storied Career

Video: Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously is a new documentary that follows the prolific fantasy author (Sandman, Coraline, American Gods) on his final signing tour. The trailer below suggests that it will focus on how Gaiman’s work has impacted others, from eager fans to famous faces, including George R.R. Martin and the late Terry Pratchett.

Neil Gaiman Is Writing A Six-Part Good Omens Miniseries

Neil Gaiman’s latest project was recently announced along with two other brand new Pratchett-based adaptations. When it rains, it pours.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Departs The Sandman Adaptation

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has left the anticipated adaptation of Sandman, citing creative differences between his vision of the film and that of New Line Cinemas. Sandman was a comic series written by Neil Gaiman, about Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams.

Listen To Neil Gaiman Read Out Terrible Fake Neil Gaiman Stories

As part of a oddball challenge to its listeners, live radio show Wits in the US asked for submission for bad short stories, written in the style of Neil Gaiman. Now, this in itself isn’t that fascinating, but Wits took the competition a step further by getting Gaiman himself to read out the best… well, worst, of the entries.

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