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Neil Gaiman Is Writing A Six-Part Good Omens Miniseries

Neil Gaiman’s latest project was recently announced along with two other brand new Pratchett-based adaptations. When it rains, it pours.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Departs The Sandman Adaptation

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has left the anticipated adaptation of Sandman, citing creative differences between his vision of the film and that of New Line Cinemas. Sandman was a comic series written by Neil Gaiman, about Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams.

Listen To Neil Gaiman Read Out Terrible Fake Neil Gaiman Stories

As part of a oddball challenge to its listeners, live radio show Wits in the US asked for submission for bad short stories, written in the style of Neil Gaiman. Now, this in itself isn’t that fascinating, but Wits took the competition a step further by getting Gaiman himself to read out the best… well, worst, of the entries.

Google+ Thinks The Account It Personally Set Up For Neil Gaiman Is Fake

Looks like Google+ is even having trouble keeping their own accounts active. Illustrious author and Twitter savant Neil Gaiman’s page has been suspended under suspicion of being a fake. The only thing is — that’s the page Google made for him.

Neil Gaiman Talks About His Doctor Who E-Book

A group of authors is getting together to write eleven Doctor Who e-books: one for each Doctor. One of those authors is the great Neil Gaiman, and he’s here to talk us through his creation.

Neil Gaiman Working On A Video Game

Geek demi-god Neil Gaiman has announced he is working on his first video game, dubbed Wayward Manor. The game will follow the exploits of a ghost stuck in limbo who needs to scare off the rabble living in his former home.

Neil Gaiman On Doctor Who And The Reinvention Of The Cyberman

“Nightmare in Silver”, the Doctor Who episode penned by writer Neil Gaiman, saw the return of a long-neglected foe in the Cybermen. Gaiman and Doctor Who seems a match made in space-time heaven, so why didn’t it happen sooner? Will it happen again? Let’s see what the man himself has to say.

BlackBerry Just Hired Alicia Keys

Do celebs sell phones? BlackBerry is certainly hoping so with the announcement that it just hired Grammy-award winning musician Alicia Keys as its Global Creative Director. But it’s not just Alicia: she brings with her other celebs, too.

Neil Gaiman Reveals Why Secrets Don't Leak Out Of The Doctor Who Office

Neil Gaiman has written a Cyberman-centric episode in the upcoming series of Doctor Who, but like most things Who-related, very little is known about it. During a talk at the Sydney Writer’s Festival on Friday night, Gaiman made it clear why this is so — as well as letting slip a tiny new secret.

Why Neil Gaiman Embraced Online Piracy

Neil Gaiman is a convert. Where finding his work on the internet years ago would send him into a tizzy, he’s since come to accept – even appreciate – that broader distribution has meant a broader audience, and a broader audience has meant more sales.

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