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Broadband Advertising Is Too Vague, Says ACCC

Has a grinning olympian convinced you to upgrade to the NBN? Or maybe you’ve hooked up to “super fast high speed” internet. But do you most people actually know what they are buying when they sign up to an internet service provider deal?

We need to be provided with better information about broadband speeds, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says, amid concerns about the current state of advertising claims.

Making Internet Access A Right, Not A Privilege

The Productivity Commission is currently holding an inquiry into the “Universal Service Obligation” — originally designed to ensure that everyone could have access to a traditional telephone service. Lobby group Internet Australia has told the Productivity Commission the USO should be expanded to include a “right to Internet access via fast and affordable broadband” — especially as 2016 is The National Year of Digital Inclusion.

NBN Is Launching A Satellite Covered In Australian Faces

The future is a satellite with a myriad of Australian faces plastered to it, smiling down at the Earth, forever, until we are all gone and it is nothing but space junk. Well, strap yourselves in, folks, because the future is now.

NBN’s second satellite, Sky Muster II, is scheduled to blast into space on 5 October 2016.

The ACCC Is Looking For Feedback On Proposed NBN Changes

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is asking for submissions regarding NBN’s proposed variation to its “Special Access Undertaking” (SAU), lodged on 27 May, which is a part of the regulatory framework for governing prices and other terms for the NBN supply to retailers until 2040.

The main proposed changes are to incorporate fibre-to-the-node (FTTN), fibre-to-the-basement (FTTB) and hybrid fibre coaxial technologies (HFC) into the undertaking, but it also includes changes to reporting.

NBN Chief Architect Quits Days Before Australian Election

National Broadband Network chief architect Tony Cross, whose role placed him in charge of the rollout of copper connections, resigned today. After six years on the project, Cross’ last day will be this Friday, the day before the Federal Election is to be held.

Former NBN Boss Reveals Copper Will Cost More Than Fibre

Former NBN boss Mike Quigley has told the Melbourne University Networked Society Institute that the current copper-based FTTN strategy would end up costing more than the original fibre-optic model, prompting lobby group Internet Australia to renew its call for a review of the National Broadband Network.

If it continued as planned, Quigley says, the FTTP rollout would have cost $45 billion and been finished by 2021.

NBN Figures Reveal Fibre To The Node Is More Popular than Fibre To The Premises

Earlier this month the federal government revealed take-up rates in areas with Fibre To the Node NBN availability, and now a deeper look at these figures has shown FTTN is being adopted at a far faster rate than Fibre To The Premises in its early days.

How Different Are The Labor Party And Coalition's NBN Policies?

As hinted in earlier announcements by Shadow Communications Minister, Jason Clare, Labor’s much-anticipated policy for the National Broadband Network released Monday commits the party – if elected – to move away from the Coalition’s fibre to the node (FTTN) network and transition back to a roll-out of fibre to the premises (FTTP). This was the central pillar of Labor’s original NBN. So how does this compare with the Coalition’s version of the NBN?

Labor's NBN Plan Shows It Listened To Critics Of The Current Broadband Rollout

Labor’s broadband plan includes few surprises and fulfils Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s commitment to responsibly increase the construction of fibre to the premises (FTTP). At the same time, it would ensure the completion of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is not delayed further.

NBN 'Copper Guru' Jobs Advertised In Ireland

Recruiter OneIRC Australia is advertising in Ireland for people keen to “bring the family and stay in one spot or travel across the country” working on the NBN’s copper infrastructure.

We’re talking full time positions for three years — at $75,000 a year — for “Copper Jointers and Copper Gurus” on “Australia’s largest telecommunications project”.

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