iiNet Can Thank The NBN For Its $1 Billion In Revenue

Paying attention to potential customers on Australia’s under-construction National Broadband Network is paying off for Australia’s third-largest ISP. A reasonable chunk of iiNet’s just-announced $1 billion in revenue for the last financial year comes from its 65,000 NBN and fibre customers — with almost a quarter of the entire NBN market to itself.

Lonely At The Top: New Report Says Former NBN Co Board Were In Over Their Heads

It can’t be easy rolling out Australia’s most expensive infrastructure project, especially when you’re besieged by both sides of politics. A new report into the corporate governance structures at NBN Co tabled last night says that, while they were all experienced managers and directors, they weren’t up to the job of managing NBN Co.

JB Hi-Fi Laughs At Your So-Called National Broadband Network

Oh, JB. You really have done it again. JB Hi-Fi’s home-made signage is a constant source of amusement to shoppers all around the nation. This time they’re trying to sell you a router that works with the NBN, or what’s left of the NBN that still exists after the Coalition government took power.

NBN Review: Labor's NBN Policy Was 'Rushed, Chaotic And Inadequate'

Another day, another review into the National Broadband Network. The Scales Review into the public policy surrounding the former Labor government’s National Broadband Network roll-out policies, released this morning, has found that the plan to deploy fibre-to-the-premises to Australian homes and businesses was a “rushed, chaotic and inadequate” process.

NBN Fibre Will Be In Apartments By September

Another step forward for the NBN — within a couple of months, a small-scale trial of NBN Co’s fibre to the premises service for apartments and office blocks will be available in a half a dozen areas where NBN competitor TPG is offering its own NBN equivalent.

Making Faster Optical 'Cables' Using Nothing But Lasers And Air

Pulses of light are the absolute fastest way to transfer data (because nothing’s faster than light), but old school fibre optic cables can only go so many places. Scientists have a new idea: use high-powered lasers to make a column of low-density air that can carry a light signal just as well as a normal cable. Yes, fibre optics made of thin air.

FRITZ!Box 7490 ADSL2+ Modem Router: Australian Review

For all intents and purposes, your home network’s modem router is the nexus of all of your communications. It handles your ‘net connection, as well as all your home devices talking to each other and the outside world . So when you’re looking to buy one, you want all the features you can get, right? That’s why the new FRITZ!Box 7490 should grab your attention.

NBN Review Recommends Greater Oversight For Australia's Competition Watchdog

Who watches the watchmen? That’s the question being posed by the Vertigan review into the National Broadband Network, which has recommended greater oversight of the government’s competition watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

A List Of Every Single Community In The National Broadband Network Rollout

Are you getting the NBN? With so much nonsense going around with the rollout right now, how can you even be sure? Thankfully, there’s a way to check with this mega-list of every single suburb getting fast internet thanks to NBN Co.

Watch The Senate Select Committee Discuss The National Broadband Network Live Here

The Senate Select Committee into the National Broadband Network is sitting right now, and you can stream it live online.