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Optus Is Selling 50GB Of Mobile Data For $70 A Month

Is ADSL rubbish in your area? Can you not get cable internet? Are you still waiting for the NBN? (Yes, us too.) Well, have you considered using Optus 4G? With the launch of a new plan, Optus is targeting home internet users — renters, pop-up businesses and the terminally under-served — with a single super-high-capacity data plan and mobile brodband Wi-Fi hotspot. $70 per month will get you a massive 50GB of super-fast 4G mobile data.

NBN Co Pulls Up To 970Mbps From Copper Cables, But There's A Huge Catch

We all know that the new plan for the National Broadband Network involves delivering connectivity over copper for the so-called last mile, that’s just something we have to live with. NBN Co is trying to make that all a little easier on us by revealing results from an early trial of G.Fast technology to supercharge copper lines. NBN Co achieved 970Mbps over G.Fast copper, but there’s a massive catch: the cable was 20 metres long.

Here Are The Next Suburbs To Get The NBN

The National Broadband Network is still a thing! The company building the network (whatever it’s called these days) has just released its three-year construction plan. Here are the suburbs next in line.

TIO Complaints Are Down, Except For Disgruntled NBN Users

The Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman has released its annual report and while complaints are down overall, there are a lot more unhappy NBN customers.

Has Video Streaming Spiked Our Internet Traffic By 40 Per Cent?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released their latest internet data figures and downloads way up compared to last year, or even 6 months ago. Should we blame Netflix? Their official arrival down-under in March likely made a big contribution, but of course they are not the only player in the streaming game.

Gizmodo's Weekly Australian Internet Update

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy, data retention and what’s happening with the NBN.

Australia's New Communications Minister: 'We're Technology Agnostic' About The NBN

When leadership changes, there’s always the potential for certain passion projects to be brought to the fore. In his previous role as communications minister, Australia’s current prime minister’s history as a founding face in Australia’s internet was at odds with the decision to rationalise and roll-back the rollout of high-speed fibre to the home NBN. That might change. The new Turnbull-led, Liberal goverment is being just a bit cagey about how the NBN might evolve in the coming weeks and months.

TPG Is Still Building Its Own Competitor To The NBN

The National Broadband Network is facing renewed competition, in the cities where it should theoretically be making the most money. TPG will continue to build out its potentially lucrative fibre-to-the-basement metropolitan broadband network, and might even start to offer access to it through its new acquisiton iiNet. Soon enough, you might buy an iiNet service for your apartment and be getting NBN-like speeds, despite being connected to TPG’s own fibre.

Australia Has New Ministers For The NBN, Science And Innovation

In a cabinet reshuffle on Sunday afternoon, newly installed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull took the opportunity to drastically alter the existing line-up of government ministers, portfolios and personalities on his front bench. As a result, and partly due to Turnbull’s own interest and extensive history in the digital economy, Australia’s current parliament now has a greatly renewed focus on technology, the internet and innovation.

What Now For The NBN Under A Turnbull Government?

Now that Malcolm Turnbull has been sworn in as prime minister, the choice of a replacement Communications Minister is critically important, especially for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

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