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NBN Chief Architect Quits Days Before Australian Election

National Broadband Network chief architect Tony Cross, whose role placed him in charge of the rollout of copper connections, resigned today. After six years on the project, Cross’ last day will be this Friday, the day before the Federal Election is to be held.

Former NBN Boss Reveals Copper Will Cost More Than Fibre

Former NBN boss Mike Quigley has told the Melbourne University Networked Society Institute that the current copper-based FTTN strategy would end up costing more than the original fibre-optic model, prompting lobby group Internet Australia to renew its call for a review of the National Broadband Network.

If it continued as planned, Quigley says, the FTTP rollout would have cost $45 billion and been finished by 2021.

NBN Figures Reveal Fibre To The Node Is More Popular than Fibre To The Premises

Earlier this month the federal government revealed take-up rates in areas with Fibre To the Node NBN availability, and now a deeper look at these figures has shown FTTN is being adopted at a far faster rate than Fibre To The Premises in its early days.

How Different Are The Labor Party And Coalition's NBN Policies?

As hinted in earlier announcements by Shadow Communications Minister, Jason Clare, Labor’s much-anticipated policy for the National Broadband Network released Monday commits the party – if elected – to move away from the Coalition’s fibre to the node (FTTN) network and transition back to a roll-out of fibre to the premises (FTTP). This was the central pillar of Labor’s original NBN. So how does this compare with the Coalition’s version of the NBN?

Labor's NBN Plan Shows It Listened To Critics Of The Current Broadband Rollout

Labor’s broadband plan includes few surprises and fulfils Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s commitment to responsibly increase the construction of fibre to the premises (FTTP). At the same time, it would ensure the completion of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is not delayed further.

NBN 'Copper Guru' Jobs Advertised In Ireland

Recruiter OneIRC Australia is advertising in Ireland for people keen to “bring the family and stay in one spot or travel across the country” working on the NBN’s copper infrastructure.

We’re talking full time positions for three years — at $75,000 a year — for “Copper Jointers and Copper Gurus” on “Australia’s largest telecommunications project”.

Labor's NBN Attack Ad Is Simple, But Smart

Labor has just announced its policy for the National Broadband Network should it win government at this Federal election, and it’s accompanying that with a smart attack ad that will strike fear into the heart of any internet-connected Australian.

This Is Labor's Plan For The NBN

Two weeks out from the Australian federal government election on July 2, the Labor Party has released its policy documents for its plan for the National Broadband Network. Labor’s NBN plan, it says, will build fibre to the premises (FTTP) NBN to “up to two million more” Australian homes and businesses, double the number covered under the current Liberal rollout plan. The party says that there will be no additional impact to the country’s budget and the NBN’s financial cap.

Telstra Blames Outages On Dodgy Modems And DNS

Telstra has shed some more light on the reasons behind its recent NBN and ADSL outages, telling customers their modems’ firmware and a bug in the telco’s network-level DNS is to blame.

Telstra NBN And ADSL Outages Are Still Not Fixed

Despite the telco’s assurances that last week’s huge outages have been fixed, many customers across the country are still unable to connect to their NBN and ADSL services. Service is gradually returning, with Telstra advising customers to regularly cycle their modems to attempt to connect to the network, but it’s been a rough four days for Telstra in a year that’s been full of major outages.

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