Making Faster Optical 'Cables' Using Nothing But Lasers And Air

Pulses of light are the absolute fastest way to transfer data (because nothing’s faster than light), but old school fibre optic cables can only go so many places. Scientists have a new idea: use high-powered lasers to make a column of low-density air that can carry a light signal just as well as a normal cable. Yes, fibre optics made of thin air.

FRITZ!Box 7490 ADSL2+ Modem Router: Australian Review

For all intents and purposes, your home network’s modem router is the nexus of all of your communications. It handles your ‘net connection, as well as all your home devices talking to each other and the outside world . So when you’re looking to buy one, you want all the features you can get, right? That’s why the new FRITZ!Box 7490 should grab your attention.

NBN Review Recommends Greater Oversight For Australia's Competition Watchdog

Who watches the watchmen? That’s the question being posed by the Vertigan review into the National Broadband Network, which has recommended greater oversight of the government’s competition watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

A List Of Every Single Community In The National Broadband Network Rollout

Are you getting the NBN? With so much nonsense going around with the rollout right now, how can you even be sure? Thankfully, there’s a way to check with this mega-list of every single suburb getting fast internet thanks to NBN Co.

Watch The Senate Select Committee Discuss The National Broadband Network Live Here

The Senate Select Committee into the National Broadband Network is sitting right now, and you can stream it live online.

The Average (Theoretical) Speed Of The FTTN NBN So Far Is 46Mbps

Fibre to the node NBN is being rolled out to 1000 test sites across Australia, covering 200,000 homes and businesses. An independent tracking site has collated theoretical data from 69,000 premises to determine the average speed of FTTN in Oz so far — and that speed is 46Mbps. Not bad, but a long way from fibre to the premises.

iiNet's Steve Dalby: 'Foxtel Is On Borrowed Time'

For the uninitiated, Steve Dalby is iiNet’s chief regulatory officer and enemy number one according to the content industry. He took to Reddit yesterday for a public Q&A, and lashed studios and distributors for their resistance towards online distribution.

Ask iiNet's Steve Dalby Anything Today

Ever wanted to ask iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby, what he really thinks about piracy? Or the NBN? Or even whether he thinks Spiderman can take The Hulk in a fight? You’re going to get the chance today as the man himself takes to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session.

NBN Co Signs $150m FTTN Roll-Out Deal With Telstra

200,000 homes and businesses across Queensland and New South Wales will be hooked up to the NBN using fibre to the node, under a $150 million deal between the government, NBN Co and Telstra. The large-scale trial will use 1000 nodes around regional parts of the two states, connecting supposedly underserved areas from the existing broadband plan.

NBN Rollout Map Adds 45,000 New Homes And Businesses

It may not seem like it, but the rollout of the NBN is slowly continuing. Fibre is being built out to more homes across the country, and fixed wireless has similarly been added to the schedule for regional and areas, as well as suburban locations underserved by fibre.