The New-Look NBN Has A Shiny TV Ad

While you weren’t looking, the company formerly known as the National Broadband Network Company (or simply NBN Co), underwent a fancy rebrand to become just NBN. Now it has a funky new TV ad to re-introduce you to it.

Telstra In Talks With Netflix, Despite Foxtel And Presto

Despite its 50 per cent ownership of Aussie pay TV stalwart Foxtel, Telstra is talking with Netflix to promote the service and integrate its video storage and server hardware in Telstra’s own data centres.

Is Your Suburb Being Switched Over To The NBN Next Week?

Despite its various twists and turns over the years, the implementation of the National Broadband Network continues unabated. In fact, a number of NSW residents will find themselves disconnected from good old copper network next week as services are migrated to the new infrastructure.

Here Are The Next 550,000 Places To Get The National Broadband Network

NBN Co has updated its national roll-out map for the next two years, putting an additional 550,000 premises on the map to get the NBN in the next two years.

NBN Co Speeding Up Its Own Cable Services With DOCSIS 3.1, 10Gbps Download Speeds Theoretically Possible

Good news, speed freaks: after the National Broadband Network (NBN) begins rolling out services based on the existing pay TV cable network early next year, it will upgrade the network with a new standard that offers a theoretical top download speed of 10 gigabits per second.

NBN Co Is Testing HFC Cable Delivery In These Four Suburbs

Part of the new multi-technology mix National Broadband Network, the NBN Co is folding the hybrid-fibre coaxial networks of Optus and Telstra into the rollout. In a bid to prove that these work, the company has announced four suburbs across New South Wales and Queensland that will be test sides for the new NBN HFC service.

Australia's Internet And Mobile Plans Are Slowly Getting Cheaper

Good news for all Aussies — our internet and mobile phone lines are getting cheaper, all around the country. Not overnight, and not by a huge amount, but it’s happening.

Why Is The NBN Co Hating On Fibre-To-The-Premises These Days?

The NBN Co was rebooted at the end of last year, and ever since then it has been behaving…strangely. All of a sudden, Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) is a giant steaming pile of arse. Wait, what?

Satellite NBN Customers Are Reportedly Getting Shafted On Their Data Caps

Feel like signing up to an NBN Co satellite plan? Check the fine print: according to a new report, the satellite service ain’t all that thanks to new data use clauses.

Aussies Download From Steam At Under A Megabyte Per Second

Ever wonder why your download of DayZ or Fallout is taking ages? As a country, our average Steam download speed is 6.6Mbps, or about 0.825 megabytes per second.