NBN's Mixed Technology Is Creating Mixed Messages

NBN Co’s latest annual report shows more Australians can access its broadband services than ever before — but not all the numbers are so impressive, as Matthew Sorell from the University of Adelaide explains.

This Is How Many Australians Can Get The NBN Now

Busy week for the NBN. Not only did we have a cost-benefit analysis of the new approach, we also have NBN Co’s financial results — and that gives us an update on how many Australians can actually connect to the NBN.

NBN MTM CBA: Three Letter Acronyms For A Political Football

The long-awaited NBN Cost Benefit Analysis was released overnight, and to nobody’s surprise it paints the multi-technology model (MTM) favoured by Malcolm Turnbull in the most positive way possible. The problem is that the CBA also appears to make all kinds of crazy assumptions in order to score political goals.

NBN Review Finds In Favour Of Multi-Technology Mix

The Vertigan Report into the NBN has found in favour of Malcolm Turnbull’s Multi-Technology Mix NBN model, citing a higher net benefit in MTM.

NBN Construction Going Slow In Many States

Reports indicate that NBN Construction in Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the ACT has been almost comically slow in the past two months.

NBN Co Is Making Gushy Videos About FTTN Customers

NBN Co’s latest YouTube video is dripping with positivity regarding FTTN connections. That’s no surprise given how much of a political football it’s been, but as always, the peril is in the fine print.

Australia: For Top Broadband Policy, Look No Further Than Canada

You might have seen communications minister Malcolm Turnbull raising the issue about Australian press not discussing policy problems and solutions from overseas, in a speech delivered at the Lowy Institute Media Awards last week:

iiNet Can Thank The NBN For Its $1 Billion In Revenue

Paying attention to potential customers on Australia’s under-construction National Broadband Network is paying off for Australia’s third-largest ISP. A reasonable chunk of iiNet’s just-announced $1 billion in revenue for the last financial year comes from its 65,000 NBN and fibre customers — with almost a quarter of the entire NBN market to itself.

Lonely At The Top: New Report Says Former NBN Co Board Were In Over Their Heads

It can’t be easy rolling out Australia’s most expensive infrastructure project, especially when you’re besieged by both sides of politics. A new report into the corporate governance structures at NBN Co tabled last night says that, while they were all experienced managers and directors, they weren’t up to the job of managing NBN Co.

JB Hi-Fi Laughs At Your So-Called National Broadband Network

Oh, JB. You really have done it again. JB Hi-Fi’s home-made signage is a constant source of amusement to shoppers all around the nation. This time they’re trying to sell you a router that works with the NBN, or what’s left of the NBN that still exists after the Coalition government took power.

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