Parks And Rec's Vision Of 2017 Is Full Of Holoscreens And Drones

The year 2017: where everyone is two years older, skies are filled with drones, and Leslie Knope is President. Ok, maybe not that last one. But in season 7 of NBC’s Parks and Recreation we’ll know all the goings on of our favourite characters in the year 2017.

Watch Charles And Ray Eames Debut Their Most Famous Chair On TV In 1956

Charles and Ray Eames were the archetypal design power couple, who each brought their own distinct kind of creative genius to the personal and professional partnership. When they visited NBC’s daytime Home show in 1956 to debut their (now-iconic) eponymous lounge, Charles introduced themselves thusly: “Ray is a painter. I am an architect.” Host Arlene Francis has a slightly different take: “Almost always when there is a successful man, there is a very interesting and able woman behind him.”

5 Seasons And No Movie: NBC Cancels Community

Those hoping for the debut of Mr Egypt or Intensive Karen may have gotten their wishes granted, with NBC calling it quits on sitcom Community after five seasons. Despite losing its way in earlier seasons, the latest block of 13 episodes were quality, mostly thanks to creator Dan Harmon coming back on board. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to right the ship.

The Saga Of NiceBooby.Net And NBC's Hilarious Shadow-URL Empire

Maybe one night, as you scuttled darkly across the fringes of the internet, you came across a site like CocoaJuggs.net. Or LuvInaBarnyard.org. Maybe even PrisonMate.net. But when you clicked, you were met not with the lurid promises of the URL, but rather by the smiling faces of SNL cast members. Had you discovered a wormhole in the web? Nah. Just another pervy-sounding NBC property.

Would You Be On A Reality TV Show That Sends You To Space?

It’s everyone’s fantasy to get strapped to a giant rocket and blasted into the heavens. Right? Well, except for the space sickness, the difficult-to-operate space toilet, the inevitable contingency that your trip could turn out like the movie Gravity.

Watch Tim Cook In His First TV Interview Since Becoming Apple CEO

It’s been about a year since Tim Cook took the helm at Apple, and he has apparently decided now is a good time to start talking to people. Brian Williams got first dibs, interviewing Cook earlier today on NBC’s Rock Center.

How US Troops Abroad Got Screwed Out Of Olympics Coverage

Men and women in uniform got the total shaft on Olympics coverage this year. Like everyone else, active duty members of the armed forces and other agencies overseas have to watch NBC’s infuriating tape-delayed broadcasts. Even if they’re on bases in Europe, where they could otherwise watch the events live on local TV.

How Twitter Conspired With NBC To Get A Critical Journalist Banned

Guy Adams has had a hell of a week. He’s covering the Olympics at the moment and had a few choice things to say about NBC’s coverage of the games. Those choice comments included email address of the president of NBC Sports, Gary Zenkel. NBC didn’t like that too much, and as a result, Adams was kicked off Twitter for a spell. It has been revealed today, however, that Twitter actively conspired to have Adams removed from the social network thanks to his criticism of NBC. How did it all go down?

NBC Just Confused Australia With Austria On Its Olympics Site

According to NBC, the official broadcaster of the 2012 London Olympics in the US, Australia is a beautiful, landlocked country bordered by the likes of Switzerland, Hungary and Slovakia. You read correctly: NBC just confused Australia with Austria.

Jay Leno Stole A Guy's YouTube Video And Then Got It Banned

A few years ago, Jay Leno played a YouTube clip made by Brian Kamerer and his friends on his show. He didn’t credit the Kamerer, but whatever, he was on NBC! Awesome! Except that some time since then, he says in an open letter on Splitsider, YouTube took the down the video because it was violating NBC’s copyright. What the hell.