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DC Comics' Office Comedy Powerless Isn't Bad As Much As It's Just Kinda There

Powerless is NBC and DC’s attempt to put a workplace comedy into the world of comic books. Based on the pilot we saw at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it only kind of works. Here’s our spoiler-free first impression of the premiere!

Journalists Are Backing Out Of The Olympics Over Zika

Athletes have already expressed concern about travelling to the heart of the Zika outbreak to compete in this summer’s Olympics. Now journalists are opting out entirely. Several NBC employees will not travel to Brazil to cover the games, including Today anchor Savannah Guthrie, who announced today that she’s pregnant.

Here's The First Look At DC's Superhero Office Comedy Powerless

NBC just put a lot of faith in DC’s foray into the world of superhero comedy — Powerless, the long-in-the-works show about an insurance company working in the DC Comics universe. The show has received a full series order on the network, and to celebrate, DC released the first pictures from the show’s pilot last week, which stars Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, an insurance adjuster with a speciality in helping out average people affected by the wanton destruction of superhero fights.

NBC Just Picked Up A New Drama From The Creator Of True Blood

HBO might have killed off True Blood a couple of years ago, but NBC is hoping that its creator, Charlene Harris, will bring them a new hit. According to Deadline, it just picked up an adaptation of, Midnight, Texas, her latest series.

Our First Glimpses Of The Superheroic Silliness Of DC's New 'Office With Capes' Comedy

NBC’s DC Comics office comedy Powerless apparently has free reign to pick whatever heroes it wants from the vast DC pantheon of heroes. Turns out, what the show’s actually doing, is giving us some of the most obscure characters it can muster, starting with… Crimson Fox?

Vanessa Hudgens Will Star In NBC's DC Comics Office Comedy

Every time we hear about it, it amazes us that Powerless, NBC’s comedy series about a completely normal insurance company office in the DC comics world, might actually be happening. But now it has its taking a big step towards reality with the casting of Vanessa Hudgens in the lead role.

How Does God Want You To Watch TV?

It’s one of the most important theological questions of our generation: How does God want us to watch TV? Does God approve of services like Stan and Netflix? Certainly not, according to one executive at NBC.

NBC Is Trying To Shut Down The Parody Website Spreading Lies About A Breaking Bad Reboot

Did you hear the news that Yelp was suing South Park? Or that Breaking Bad was coming back for another season? Neither is true. But you can blame one website for starting these fake rumours: NBC.com.co, a “parody” site with no affiliation to NBC. And NBC wants them to stop.

China Is Reportedly Reading The Obama Administration's Personal Emails 

Chinese spies have breached the personal email accounts of many top Obama Administration officials and have been reading their emails since 2010, according to a report from NBC. This has got to be bad for Hillary Clinton, whose use of personal email address as Secretary of State during that time is now under FBI investigation.

If You Want To See The Future Of TV, Watch The Tour De France

Early in the Tour de France this year, a horrible crash forced six riders to abandon — including one, Fabian Cancellara, who finished the day with two broken vertebrae. NBC reported that 400,000 people had streamed the day’s racing through its app. GoPro footage of the aftermath, shot by a mechanic, quickly blew up too.

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