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Navguard’s App Promises ‘Advanced GPS’ For Blackberry

There aren’t that many choices for GPS apps on Blackberry. Navguard’s solution is said to offer ‘advanced’ GPS, and will come to iOS and Android later in the year.

Nokia Developing 3D Rival To Google's Street View

Nokia and its mapping division Navteq are developing a rival to Street View, one that offers full three-dimensional computer models of villages, towns and cities and could one day allow those urban centres to form the backdrop of realistic games.

Navteq Joins The iPhone Navigation App Party

Navteq has just updated their iGo iPhone turn by turn navigation app, with turn-by-turn navigation for all of Australia and New Zealand, complete with 3D visuals and maps updated quarterly.

Suck It, Street View, Navteq Maps The World In 3D... With Lasers

Google’s Street View team famously photographs all kinds of weird stuff as they drive the world, but Navteq, who basically invented this stuff, just built a mount with seven cameras and 64 lasers to see everything better, in 3D.

Google And The Deadly Power Of Data

Today, as soon as Google showed off its beta GPS navigator, the stocks of Garmin, TomTom and other companies in that industry fell into the toilet. It’s hard to compete with free Google apps, but that’s not why they’re screwed…

GPS With Real-Time Info Can Save Four Days Of Driving A Year

Four days a year and 21 per cent less CO2 emissions. That’s what a GPS with real-time traffic information will give to you, and the entire planet. At least, that’s what maps maker Navteq says. As you can expect, there’s a catch.

Navigon And Sygic iPhone Apps Reviewed... Guess Who Wins?

Regular commenter and tipster poedgirl actually forked out the coin for both Australian navigation iPhone apps currently available on the App Store. Then she reviewed them. And the results aren’t quite what I expected…

Navigon Aussie Satnav iPhone App Launching Today

If you checked out the Lite version of Navigon’s satnav app and want to, you know, actually use the GPS chip with the software, Navigon is today launching the full version of their Australian mapping app. But you should definitely pick it up before August 15.

Lowrance Endura Touchscreen GPS Takes Any Map on Land and Sea

Lowrance isn’t big in the automotive GPS business, but if you’re a boater, you know them. Yesterday they launched the Endura Sierra, Safari and Outback: Sturdy, touchscreen handhelds that take outdoor maps of all kinds.

Nokia Maps Update Adds 3D Topography, Route Sync With Your PC

Along with the brand new touch N97, Nokia also unveiled new software at its Nokia World show in Spain today–bringing a free new version of Maps and updated email/IM services.

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