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Self-Adjusting Headlamp Knows If You Want To See Near Or Far

When you’re trekking through the great outdoors in the middle of the night, you need your hands free for reading maps, clearing obstacles and fighting off bears. So Petzl’s new Nao headlamp makes all the brightness and focus adjustments for you.

America's Best Robot Dance Crew

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Sure, you’ve seen robots dance before, but you’ve never seen them dancing like this – shimmying, sliding and sashaying, just like humans, in perfect synchronisation. It’s just like Bring It On, but slightly less robotic.

Cignias NAO Symphony Review: A Wireless iPod Dock For Blackberrys

The Cignias NAO Symphony looks like any other iPod dock. But it’s not like any other iPod dock. Because it streams music wirelessly and plays nice with BlackBerrys too.

Nao The Robot Thespian Performs Star Wars: I Give It Five Stars

Nao the humanoid robot really, really wants us nerds to like him. Or, more accurately, Aldebaran Robotics wants us to really like him. That’s why they have him pandering to us with a scene from Star Wars.

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