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Sony 2013 TVs: Everything You Need To Know

After offering a sneak peek as to what we could expect at CES in January, Sony finally unveiled it’s 2013 Australian TV range last night, and the focus is moving away from smarter TVs in terms of content and into smarter panels in terms of picture and sound.

Music Unlimited: Sony's Streaming Service Hits The iPhone

When it comes to streaming music, you’ve got all kinds of subscription services to chose from these days. Music Unlimited is Sony’s offering, and the iOS app has just landed in the iTunes App Store.

Sony Adds iOS To Music Unlimited

It’s a little behind schedule, but Sony’s released an iOS app for its Music Unlimited service, expanding its range beyond Android and Sony’s own Bravia and Playstation devices.

Spotify Will Announce Aussie Plans Next Week

2012 is going to be a landmark year for streaming music services in Australia. We’ve already got Rdio, JB Hi-Fi, Samsung Music Hub and Music Unlimited, and from early next week we’ll have details on the big fish in the streaming pond: Spotify.

Sony Launching Music Unlimited For iOS

You’ve plopped out your monthly subscription fee for Sony’s Music Unlimited service. You enjoy hearing your favourite tunes through your PS3, Sony Bravia TV, Android phone and PC. But your iOS devices are lacking the love, and you hate it when any of your gadgets miss out. Well, Sony has heard your prayers, and confirmed an iOS app for its Music Unlimited service.

Sony's Music Unlimited Streaming Service Coming To PSP In Weeks

It’s not just the PSP which will benefit from an update bringing along the Music Unlimited streaming service – the NGP and Xperia Play will also see the Qriocity-powered service at a later date. The cloud-based streaming service is already available on the PS3 and Bravia TVs, and it has six million songs to date. [Eurogamer via TrustedReviews]

Sony's Qriocity Service Live In Australia Today

As well as launching in the US overnight, Sony’s Music Unlimited service will today go live in Australia.

If Sony Abandons iTunes, Will Others Follow?

Sony’s reportedly thinking about pulling out of iTunes entirely in order to focus on their cloud-streaming Music Unlimited service. This might be a reaction to Apple’s fight with Sony’s Reader app in the App Store two weeks ago, or it might be part of a larger plan.

Sony's iTunes Competitor Is Music Unlimited

Sony revealed its big new push into the music world last night, in the form of Music Unlimited—a new way for everyone to manage their audio collections and listen to music, entirely via the cloud.

Qriocity, Sony's Cloud Based Entertainment Platform, Is Coming

At their IFA keynote today, Sony announced two new cloud-based entertainment services: Video On Demand powered by Qriocity and Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity. Okay, apparently the VOD Qriocity has been available in the U.S. for a while, but for anyone who missed that announcement, here’s what it means.

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