Hearing The Sounds Of Paul Thomas Anderson Films Is Pretty Interesting

I don’t immediately think of the sound when I think of Paul Thomas Anderson films because the cinematography of his films are so lovely to get lost in and his characters are so well crafted. But after hearing Jacob T. Swinney’s edit of the sounds of PTA, I don’t think I can watch, or listen, to his films in the same again.

Truly Hilarious Video Shows How Transformers Ruins All Movies

I laughed out loud at this video that shows how Transformers ruins our favourite movies. Movies you’ve seen before carry along normally and then… BOOM a Transformer comes to destroy everyone in the scene. The editing of this video is perfect, it shows movies like Speed and Little Miss Sunshine and 50/50 among others.

Video: More Recycled Scenes From Different Disney Animation Movies

Here are more recycled and reused scenes that Disney lifts from previous animation movies and then adds to its others movies. You can see how the same general movement and scene constructions are used but just with different characters across different movies. It’s both very revealing and endlessly interesting to compare.

Good Kill Makes A Point About Drone Warfare You Never Considered

Good Kill is the latest high tech parable from director Andrew Niccol, best known for sci-fi flicks GATTACA and In Time. Set in 2010, it deals with “actual events” in the lives of drone pilots flying assassination missions over Afghanistan. The movie is uneven, but it will give you a look at drone warfare that’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

Action Heroes We Love: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest special effect of all time. And I know that sentence seems weird. “Darren”, you say, “Arnold is a person, not a special effect.” Is he though? Let me explain.

Here Are The Powerful Final Scenes Of 33 Different Movies

Video: Spoiler alert, I guess? Lorenzo Antico made this montage of the dramatic final scenes of 33 different movies. You should recognise a lot of them, as his selection seems to veer toward recent films like Birdman and Her, along with classics like Rocky and others. I almost feel like I watched the entire movie when I see the last shot of it.

The Violent And Bloody Scenes Of Quentin Tarantino Movies

No one uses blood and gore and violence in movies like Quentin Tarantino does. Though it certainly drips and probably soaks through a lot of his movies, his scenes with blood can almost be balletic. Well, an excessive ballet, at least. Here’s a collection of some of the bloodiest scenes. NSFW and all that, naturally.

Here Are 12 Crazy Facts About Mad Max

Before you blow your eyeballs out by watching the moving fireball that will be Mad Max: Fury Road, catch up with 12 pretty interesting tidbits about the original Mad Max series. It’s truly impressive how spectacular and dangerous the stunts were in the first film given how tiny the budget was (only $US350,000).

8-Bit Captain America: The Winter Soldier Is Almost As Fun As The Movie

Video: Captain America: The Winter Soldier smartly buoyed what could have been a pretty bland character with other fun ones which all added up to a really fun movie. One of Marvel’s best, probably. Here it is summed up in 8-bit video game style, which Captain America looks great in.

Video Shows How Disney Recycled Scenes In Its Animation Movies

Sometimes instead of coming up with new ideas for scenes in movies, it’s just easier to copy your own work. Check out this video that shows how Disney recycled and re-used and repurposed scenes from its movies. Sleeping Beauty is Beauty in the Beast, Robin Hood was used in Snow White and so on.