7 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Mission Impossible

I’m not an especially big Tom Cruise fan but even I have to admit, the Mission Impossible movies are guaranteed to be a fun time. The powers behind that film franchise have pretty much mastered the art of spy action movie making and know exactly what we want: cool spy stuff, crazy stunts that put Tom Cruise in danger, exotic locales, Tom Cruise running and kick arse action sequences.

What's Your Favourite Movie About Technology?

There’s some great TV on at the moment that revolves around tech as a central principle, like Mr. Robot, Halt and Catch Fire, and Silicon Valley. But what big-screen production utilises tech as its theme and stands the test of time?

We're Living In A Golden Age Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV And Movies

Opinion: Guardians of the Galaxy. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. The last couple of years have been very good to anyone who likes sci-fi or fantasy; there are more shows and movies across the entire genre than in the decades before And there are more ways to watch all these great TV shows and movies than ever before. Life is pretty great.

Sony Made Pixels Even Lamer To Appease Chinese Authorities

Sony apparently didn’t care very much that the script to its new sci-fi comedy movie Pixels is pretty bad. It did, however, go to pains to ensure that Pixels would pass Chinese censorship boards with flying colours. Goodbye integrity, hello authoritarian-sanctioned blockbuster.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful-Looking Movies Of All Time

CineFix attempted the impossible task of trying to list the top 10 most beautiful movies of all time and did a half decent job! If anything, it’s nice to see these movies pop up on your screen again (albeit through a YouTube window) just to remind yourself about how beautiful the colours and the cinematography and the framing is in all these films.

It's A Drought Apocalypse In New Indie Flick The Last Survivors

What will happen to the lush and twee state of Oregon when the drought apocalypse hits? Whether you hate Portland hipsters, or merely lust for the end times, you’ll want to find out in forthcoming indie movie The Last Survivors. Here’s the first trailer for you to enjoy.

Win! One Of 10 Double Passes To See Self/less

What would you do if you were given a second chance at life? Tell us in the comments and you could win one of 10 double passes to see the new Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi thriller, Self/less, which hits Australian screens on July 23.

Tom Cruise Does His Own Stunts, Including Hanging Outside A Plane Taking Off

Tom Cruise is a certified crazy person, but his movies are almost always enjoyable — probably because of that craziness. He obsesses over doing his own, stunts and this most recent one –hanging off a flying plane in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation — might be his most impressive feat yet.

Self/Less Is A Fun Dystopia That I Hope Never Comes True

The quest for immortality has a long history in futurist circles. What if you could jump from body to body, complete with the same thoughts, the same memories, the same personality as before? That’s the idea behind the new Ryan Reynolds vehicle Self/Less. And while the film won’t change your life, it’s a fine way to spend two hours in the dark, thinking about the future.

These Alternate Jurassic World Endings Would Have Made A Lot More Sense

Video: Jurassic World was plenty entertaining and all (seriously, it’s a movie about a genetically modified raptor-rex on a murderous rampage! how could it not be?) but nevertheless, fans and science fiction bloggers alike have spotted a few, well, inaccuracies.

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