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All The Sci-Fi, Horror And Other Great Genre Movies Coming To Theatres This Spring

Hollywood generally considers the spring movie season to be awards season. It’s when studios start rolling out their best films as the end of the year approaches. For genre fans, though, we get that and so much more. There are also horror movies for Halloween, big exciting blockbusters, as well as wondrous fantasy for us to enjoy. Here are all the fantastic films opening this spring you should know.

Signs You're Stuck In A Young Adult Dystopia

Having teenagers nearly die through the complicated machinations of adults is a tried and tested storyline. For a while, it felt like every book, movie and TV show was based on this idea. And you’ve seen and read them all. So the question is: Am I living in a young adult dystopia? We’re here to help you figure that out.

This Ghostbusters VFX Reel Is Beautiful

Video: Whether you loved the new Ghostbusters, hated it or found yourself somewhere in the middle, there’s no denying Paul Feig had a very distinct vision. He didn’t just update the characters for 2016, he cranked up the visuals too, with a ton of lush, beautiful colours.

The First Trailer For The Dog Reincarnation Movie A Dog's Purpose Is A Sociopathic Nightmare 

Video: A Dog’s Purpose is a movie about a dog that keeps getting reincarnated to help people with their lives. That means this is a feel-good movie where a dog dies many, many times. Horrific.

Your First Look At Lumière And Cogsworth In Disney's Beauty And The Beast Remake

After that fantastic teaser trailer, we’ve been patiently waiting for something, anything, in the way of information for the upcoming live-action musical version of Disney’ Beauty and the Beast. We finally have it.

Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes The World Is A Good Place

Kurt Russell is one of the most fascinating actors in the world. From his start at Disney, to his background in baseball, his wacky comedies, insane list of cult classics and current resurgence, it feels like there’s nothing he can’t do. So who better to be the subject of their own art show than Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady and Wyatt Earp himself, Kurt Russell?

Actors Playing US Presidents, From FDR To Obama

Video: Of all the movie presidents — not fictional presidents like Morgan Freeman’s President Tom Beck in Deep Impact, but rather actors’ portrayals of real presidents — which one did his best? To help you decide, Candice Drouet put together a quick video showing actors playing presidents, including Robin Williams as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon and Jon Voight as FDR.

Disney May Remake James And The Giant Peach As A Live-Action Sam Mendes Movie

After The BFG — a Roald Dahl adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, of all people — failed to connect at the box office, one would have thought the odds of Disney quickly announcing another Dahl property probably seemed slim. Well, that’s exactly what just happened.

Before Civil War, The Third Captain America Movie Was Almost Based On This Wild Comic Book Story

When the third Captain America film was in the early stages of development, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios were still embroiled in discussions for a new contract to see the actor return as Tony Stark. So with one-half of the “Civil War” conflict potentially unavailable, the Russo brothers had one old comic arc in mind to replace it.

Play 'Spot The Reference' With These Ready Player One Set Photos

It seems like every frame of Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Ready Player One is going to be stuffed full of things to pay attention to.

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