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Awesome Video Links Together Quentin Tarantino's Cinematic Universe

Video: Everybody knows that Quentin Tarantino loves to connect his movies into one cinematic universe. People smoke Red Apple cigarettes, people eat Big Kahuna burgers, Michael Madsen’s Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs is brothers with John Travolta’s Vincent Vegas from Pulp Fiction and so on. It’s fun to make those connections while watching any QT movie but this edit by Beyond the Frame that links up all those references to the shared universe is even more fun because you can see it all unfold seamlessly, jumping back and forth from one movie to another.

Movie Review: In My Entire High School Falling Into the Sea, Doomed Teenagers Are More Fun Than You'd Think

If you ever wished horrible misery on everyone who tormented you during adolescence, then you will want to see My Entire High School Falling Into the Sea.

Brandon Sanderson's Giant Fantasy Universe Is Coming To The Big Screen

It’s kind of surprising that it’s taken this long for us to get here, but DMG Entertainment has bought the rights to best-selling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books. All of them. And it looks like we’re not going to have to wait that long to see them in theatres.

Here's Some Suicide Squad Concept Art That Will Be Starring In Your Nightmares Tonight

Concept artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer has followed in the footsteps of others by putting some Suicide Squad concept art up on his website. And it is freaky as hell.

Three Emotional Movie Scenes That Used Brilliant Visual Tricks

Video: It’s easy for films to make us feel sad or happy by showing us a character be sad or happy. We project our own emotions onto the screen, using what we see as a proxy for our feelings. What’s more brilliant, though, is when a movies utilises subtle cues, impeccable composition and slick cinematography to fully visualise emotion.

Adam Savage Built A Perfect Replica Of The Fifth Element's Zorg ZF-1 Blaster

Video: The Fifth Element is one of those movies you can’t help but watch all the way through whenever it’s on TV. There are just too many wonderful moments to miss, but clearly Adam Savage’s favourite was the reveal of the Zorg ZF-1 blaster. Why else would he spend over 10 years building a replica of his own?

Movie Review: Anne Hathaway Is Literally A Giant Monster In The Crazy, Original, Colossal 

In Colossal, Anne Hathaway plays an alcoholic underachiever who is forced to move back to her rural hometown. There, she realises if she stands in a certain place at a certain time, a massive kaiju that mimics her movements spawns in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Yes, you read that right.

A 'Comic Revisionist' Fairy Godmother Movie Is In The Works

Fairy tales are so tired right now. They can’t keep up with all the reimaginings and spinoffs and mashups and modern takes. In the realm where the Platonic manifestations of fairy tales live, they’re just begging for a break. And yet…

The New Bride Of Frankenstein Will Add A Feminist Spin To The Classic Monster Story

Next year, Tom Cruise’s The Mummy will kick off Universal’s grand plan for a multiverse that connects its classic monsters. And besides the inevitable upgrade to modern, lavish special effects, Bride of Frankenstein will also be getting anther sort of update.

Guns, Bugs And Powered Armour: The Most Realistic Military Science Fiction

Military science fiction has often explored the ethical and cultural effects of war in the future. Here’s a guide to some notable entries in the field that do the best job depicting realistic warfare.

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