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Virtually Tour The Path Of Everest's Deadliest Climbing Accident

The April 18 avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 Sherpas training for an ascent has been declared the deadliest mountaineering accident ever recorded on the peak. Now Discovery has created an immersive web experience to help illustrate what happened.

Nepal Will Force Each Everest Climber To Collect 8kg Of Rubbish

Mount Everest might be the be-all, end-all of mountaineering, but it’s also a dumping ground for the climbers striving upon its face — which is littered, as National Geographic puts it, “with garbage leaking out of the glaciers and pyramids of human excrement befouling the high camps.” This week, Nepal announced a new rule aimed at cleaning it up.

This BASE Jump Off Mount Everest Is Absolutely Insane

Earlier this month, 48-year-old Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov took a leap off Mount Everest from an elevation of 23,687 feet. It’s the highest ever BASE jump to date, some 60 years after Everest was first summited.

Two Billion Pixel Photo Is The Safest Way To Explore Mount Everest

Not only has filmmaker David Breashears climbed Mount Everest on five different occasions, he’s visited the world’s tallest peak 15 times in his career as he works to document the effects of climate change on the mountain. And fortunately for those of us who will never have the chance to see Everest in real life, let alone climb it, Breashers created a stunning gigapixel photo of the mountain and the Khumbu glacier earlier in the year.

There's A Ridiculous Traffic Jam Of People Trying To Climb Mount Everest

Even though four people died trying to climb Mount Everest last weekend, and even if reaching the summit costs more than a Porsche, it’s not stopping people from attempting to scale the highest point on Earth. In fact, there’s so many people trying to climb Mount Everest that it’s causing a human traffic jam.

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mount Everest?

Alan Arnette has an excellent post on Outside detailing the costs of reaching Earth’s highest summit, Mount Everest. I’ve never thought about it before but it totally makes sense that there are a lot of things that go on to make that climb, right? And all those things cost a lot of money! Like $US83,000.

There's A Solar Powered Webcam Near The Top Of Mount Everest

OK, I think it’s official. There’s nowhere on the planet you can escape the glare of a camera lens. Scientists from Italy have installed a solar powered, web enabled camera near the top of Mount Everest — and everybody’s invited to watch.

The Tragic, Unforeseen Death Of A Prediction Technology Mogul

John Delaney was reportedly just 45m from the peak of Mount Everest when he died on Saturday, having collapsed from an unknown medical condition. The Intrade founder passed away without knowing he had a new daughter. He was 42.

Climb Mount Everest From Your Couch

3D maps of Mount Everest is as old as 3D mapping itself. People see a big mountain and want to scale it… in 3D. But there’s now a 3D map of Everest that’s 400 times clearer than before. Details!

Twitter Scales Mount Everest. Is Nowhere Sacred?

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous, physically challenging things a human being can do. You’d think that if there were one place on Earth that could convince people to leave their phones at home, that would be it. You’d be wrong.

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