Gizmodo Smartphone Buying Guide: Australian 4G Phone List (October 2013)

With all the telcos on the market offering 4G, it’s easy to get confused about which phone is the right one for you. Surely it’s about spending the least amount of money for the most powerful phone, right? Not necessarily. We round up all the 4G smartphones on the market to help you find the right one for you.

Moto Maker Hands-On: Customising A Moto X Is Pretty Easy, Very Fun

We have a feeling the new Moto X from Motorola/Google is going to be a hit. It looks great, it feels great, it’s fast, and it has added features that transcend the usual gimmickry. High on that list is Moto Maker, Motorola’s online customisation suite that lets you order up a Moto X in any hue you choose. We got sneak peak at the service recently, and it’s great (and easy).

The Moto X Just Might Have The Dumbest Smartest Accessory Ever

Motorola will be selling a $US20 accessory for the Moto X that could very well be the smartest thing it has ever done or be the dumbest phone accessory ever. Called the Skip, it’s a clip that houses a NFC chip that’ll let you unlock your Moto X by simply tapping it. No lock screens, no pass codes.

The Moto X Is Probably Getting A Cheaper Little Brother

The long-fabled Moto X has finally arrived, and even with less than top of the line specs, we’re fans. The $US200 on-contract price has been a bit of sticking point for folks who were hankering for a real bargain offering. But don’t worry, there’s something on the way.

Sol Republic's New Bluetooth Speaker Is A Portable Party Machine

Motorola is teaming up with fashion-forward headphone purveyor Sol Republic on a co-branded Bluetooth speaker. The Deck is weird looking little thing, but it’s got a few features that make it stand out from the otherwise saturated cheap wireless speaker market.

Motorola Selling Moto X Superphone With Dick Jokes?

The Moto X leaves a terrific first impression. It’s well-built, it’s fast, it comes in a variety of trims. On the one hand, it exudes the kind of class that you’d expect from mature, seasoned companies like Google and Motorola. On the other hand, dick jokes. UPDATED

How The Moto X Compares To The Competition

After essentially leaking every spec possibly imaginable, the fruit of Motorola’s Google-ised loins is finally here. And just as promised, it’s a colourful, smooth beauty to behold. That’s great, but the real test comes with what it’s packing under the hood. Can the Moto X keep up with the smartphone market’s toughest competitors?

Good News! The Moto X Will Have A Stock Android Google Play Version

The Moto X is actually pretty awesome all on its own. But super nerds can be happy it’s also going to come in a baby-fresh stock-Android-having Google Play version, with zero bloatware, and available directly from Google. It’s a trend we continue to be real happy about.

Moto X Hands On: Forget Specs, This Thing Is Awesome

It’s been no secret whatsoever that the Moto X was coming, but now it’s finally here. It’s the first cross-carrier hero phone out of Motorola since it was taken under Google’s wing. We just spent a little while loving it up, and here are our first impressions.

Oh My, Look At All The Pretty Moto X Colours

The fabled Moto X has been detailed by Motorola at long last, and as expected, the company is flaunting the customisable appearance of the phone — there are more than 2000 possible colour and material combinations you can assemble. Here are the 18 possibilities for the back, and they are oh so lovely how will anyone choose?