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Oculus Touch Hands-On: So Damn Good

Last week, the company that (literally) kickstarted the new virtual reality industry announced a groundbreaking new controller that lets you reach out and touch things in virtual worlds. I just gave it a spin. It’s good. Damn good.

I Used My Finger As A Mouse... And It Made Me Miss My Mouse

There is an all-out war against the mouse, and this year, it’s in the form of Motix. Instead of your standard point-and-click affair, your pointer finger becomes the mouse.

Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Coming In October

Not long ago, Microsoft took the Kinect out of some of its Xbox One bundles, dropping the price of the console to $499 (in Australia) and giving devs extra power to play with. If you got one of those and want to add a Kinect later, you’ll be able to in October for $169.95 (Australian RRP).

You Can Finally Get A Standalone Leap Motion-Powered Keyboard

The Leap Motion Controller is cool — and it’s about to get cooler — but the neat little dongle is a toy, not a must-have. Now, HP is going to start selling keyboards with Leap built right in, and it’s probably the best way to get in on the fun.

The Leap Motion Controller Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better

The Leap Motion controller has always looked awesome, but its performance didn’t quite live up to the promise. A software update is about to fix that, making every Leap Motion controller out there better in an instant.

Here's The First Laptop With Leap Motion Built Right In

Ever since the initial teasers for the Leap Motion controller, there have been plenty of manufacturers getting ready to build it right into their laptops. Well, that day has finally arrived. It’s just too bad the first is kinda big.

Leap Motion Australian Hands-On: The Force Is Strong With This One

If motion control has a future, Leap Motion will have something to do with it. Our mates a Business Insider Australia had one given to them, and we took the liberty of nicking it to have a play. Prepare to feel the power of the Force.

9 Unexpectedly Cool Leap Motion Apps Show Natural Interfaces In Action

It’s been two weeks since Leap Motion appeared in the wild, and while it’s far from being a perfect piece of hardware, the possibilities are pretty damn interesting. So far, most of the attention-getting apps have dealt with making music. But there are plenty of other cool developments happening with the device, too.

Leap Motion Teardown: Magic Made Simply

The motion-controlled, hover-hands future isn’t quite here yet, but we’ve used a Leap Motion, and we can tell you first hand that it’s damn awesome. But what’s inside that little box of magic? A developer at SparkFun electronics dove inside to find out. The guts are surprisingly modest.

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