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A Morse Code Clock Makes Everything Seem More Official

Honestly reviewing morse code is a little unnecessary. We’re kind of done with that whole telegraph as the primary form of communication phase. On the other hand, it never hurts to know numbers in different systems. Roman numerals come in handy every now and then, right? Sometimes?

Tiny Satellite To Scrawl Morse Code Messages Across The Night Sky

Inside an unmanned craft, now headed towards the International Space Station, sit several smallish, cube-shaped satellites. One of them will soon be writing Morse code messages across the sky.

Hack An Android Figurine Into A Flashing Morse Code Transmitter

This could work for any hollow figurine you have collecting dust on your shelves, but due to Android’s open-source nature, a little robot is the obvious choice for DIY hackery. The full tutorial is on Instructables, but to make him react to sound; turn his head and flash his LED eyes in morse code patterns, you won’t need many components.

The Future Of Windows Phone 7 Apparently Involves Morse Code

From Bill Buxton‘s presentation to the Mix conference about user interfaces, one of the first third-party app created with Microsoft’s recently released WinPho 7 SDK: A Twitter app for electrical telegraph operators. [Mix 2010]

What Hath God Wrought, Indeed

Dit-dat-dat. Dit-dit-dit-dit. Dit-dat. Dat. May 24, 1844. Samuel Finley Breese Morse is sitting in the Supreme Court chamber in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Dit-dit-dit-dit. Dit-Dat. Dat. Dit-dit-dit-dit. He has a message. And here it is in full-length:

Pittsburgh Skyscraper's Morse Code Signal Spells "Pitetsbkrrh"

Pittsburgh, PA’s 33-story Grant Building famously spells out the name of the city in Morse Code so brightly it can be seen for over 100 miles. Except it doesn’t actually spell Pittsburgh, but “Pitetsbkrrh.” Eep.

Morse-It iPhone App Makes Samuel Morse Proud On His Birthday

Even though Samuel Morse is floating around on some ethereal atmospheric zaps right now, he is not too blissed out to smile at Morse-It, which commemorates his 218th birthday today with amazing real-time Morse translation.

Apple's Control Scheme for the iPod Shuffle Looks Like Morse Code

So using the new iPod Shuffle revolves around clicking the headphone remote button in Morse Code-like combinations.There must be an easier way, guys. What is this, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly? [Engadget]

Sector Compass Torch Watch For Transmitting Messages in Morse Code

With all of the communication technology we have at our disposal today, good old fashioned Morse code is all but forgotten. However, I can see it making a comeback in a big way if these “Sector Compass Torch” watches take off. A small flashlight is embedded into the side of the watch and can be used to deliver messages along with the complete chart of international Morse code that is printed on the face. Unfortunately, the watch is a Japan-only release (and it is expensive at $US620 to boot), so I’m afraid we will have to continue to transmit our •—•• — — — •—••’s via text messages for now. [Eikowatch via Crunchgear]

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