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The Mathematical Explanation For Why You Can't Catch A Falling Dollar Bill With Your Fingers

Here’s a really interesting mathematical explanation on how the “catch a dollar” trick works. You know the trick: a person holds a bill vertically and says you can keep the bill if you can catch the dollar with your fingers when it drops. You never catch it. It’s really hard! Why?

What The Heck Makes Flying So Expensive?

Is it the fuel? Not really. Even though giant passenger jets do guzzle down fuel at a ridiculous 2km per gallon — seriously, they need 8l of jet fuel for every mile travelled — there areso many people on an aeroplane that the fuel cost gets split down to a much more reasonable price: a per person fuel efficiency of 169km per gallon. That’s good! So why is flying so expensive? It’s everything else.

How Do ATMs Always Give The Right Amount Of Bills Each Time?

Video: All I ever want in life is for an ATM to spit out an extra 20 dollar bill one time. This never happens! Vending machines have given me two bags of chips. I’ve gotten an extra chicken nugget here and there. Sometimes even the glorious onion ring in an order of fries. But the cash machine never messes up for me. Here’s how it manages to do that: with a series of rollers — some serrated, some smooth — that send the bill to a conveyor belt to get scanned with a sensor.

Seeing These Card Tricks Up Close Almost Makes You Believe In Magic

Video: Magician Patrick Kun isn’t breaking the wheel when it comes to these magic tricks, but the way he packages them — short, sweet and right in front of the camera with little to no explanation — makes watching magic so much more fun. There’s no long build up, there’s no need to weave a senseless story, there’s no psychological ploy. It’s just slick visual trickery, right in front of you.

An $US80M Bank Hack Has Been Blamed On $10 Routers

Sometimes it pays to spend. The central bank of Bangladesh has found that out the hard way, as police are blaming its loss of $US80m during a hack on crappy $10 routers.

Alphabet's Taking A Long, Hard Look At Its Money-Bleeding Projects

Despite being enormously profitable, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has ballooned its expenditures on experimental projects. It’s gotten so bad that the company said it intends to make sure all that spending makes sense.

Australia's New $5 Note Design Will Help The Vision Impaired

The Reserve Bank announced back in February that a new $5 note would be out from 1 September 2016. Today, it has revealed that we’ll get to see the new design on 12 April.

The note will be the same basic colours, size and “include the same people” so it looks like we shouldn’t be expecting a radical redesign in the looks department. What will be new is a ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.

San Francisco Still Owes Steve Jobs $174 For Overpaid Parking Tickets

It turns out Steve Jobs’ legacy isn’t all rounded corners and chamfered edges: he also (accidentally) bequeathed the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority $US174 in overpaid parking fines. He’s not alone — the SFMTA is trying to return $US6 million in overpaid fines dating back to 1995.

Why Visa Having A Developer Platform Actually Matters

Yesterday, a very dull press release from Visa announced an actually important thing: the world’s largest payment processing network is opening up to developers. Yawn all you like, but this is big news.

Would An ATM Break Open If You Dropped It From A Crane 30 Metres In The Air?

Video: For anyone who needs money and also has access to a crane and can somehow finagle an entire ATM out of thin air, you now have your blueprint into breaking an ATM open. Those machines are tough! Breaking ATMs for cash is the stuff of movies and TV shows, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Just drop it from a 30m in the air like Crash Zone did with a crane and watch it spit out cash all over the place.

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