The Rise And Rise Of Uber In Australia

Uber launched in Australia 2 years ago, in October 2012. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick recap. Uber is a car ride-sharing service backed by Google – it allows you use its app to catch a ride from one of its drivers. Just about anyone with a car can be a driver – not just taxis, but also serviced cars and even ordinary people (like this). The benefit for the average person is simple. Because drivers don’t need to pay for expensive taxi licenses, Uber rides are generally cheaper than taxis (or so they claim).

Philadelphia Literally Burns Old Money For Electricity

What happens to old paper money that’s too worn out to be used? It’s often recycled and made into everything from dog beds to packing materials. But the Philadelphia Federal Reserve office does something even more unique: They send the old currency to local power plants, where it’s burned for electricity.

Chaos Ensues As Armoured Truck Spills $4.5 Million On Road

Dozens of Hong Kong motorists and pedestrians rushed to grab loads of money after an armoured truck’s doors opened by accident on a busy road, spilling about $US4.5 million dollars in HK$500 notes (US$65) on Christmas Eve, reports the South China Morning Post. Check out all those frantic people.

New 'Wiretap' ATM Skimmers Are Invisible To Your Eye

ATM skimmers just keep getting scarier. In his ongoing series on skimmer innovation, security guru Brian Krebs highlighted a new card skimmer — the increasingly thin device that intercepts and snags your credit card details — that’s been spotted in the wild. And unlike the vast majority of skimmers that attach to or replace machine’s card reader, this skimmer just eavesdrops on your perfectly legitimate transaction to steal your info.

These US Dollar Bill Concepts Are Better Than The Real Thing

While US currency does change a little on occasional, the basic design of the notes has stayed fairly constant: green/black background, a portrait on one side and a pretty picture on the other. These concepts take that classic design and turn it on its head.

This Nifty Tool Helps Roommates Find The Fairest Way To Split The Rent

It’s impossible enough to find a decent apartment these days, let alone the humans to share it who won’t dismember you in the night. Far more difficult, however, is deciding which roommate pays which portion of the rent, which has been known to end more than one friendship before it even started. A new online tool says it can divide your rent, and it uses maths, so you can’t possibly argue about it.

Kim Dotcom: I'm Broke

Long time, no Kim Dotcom. Well, perhaps the reason the German-Finnish internet entrepreneur has gone so quiet is because he’s flat broke.

How Do You Make Money From Free Software?

Free software — truly free software — is undoubtedly a good thing. But given the rest of the world still uses that pesky stuff called money, how on Earth do you make a living from spending your time giving away software for nothing?

Pebble And PayPal Give You Another Stupid Way To Pay For Stuff

Tech companies are continuing with the long, hard struggle to rid the planet of credit cards. Today’s slightly awkward solution comes courtesy of PayPal and Pebble, who will now let you ditch your wallet, provided you own a Pebble smartwatch, have a PayPal account and shop at stores that take PayPal.

This Is How ATMs Get Hacked In Russia: Using Explosives

Forget super-skinny card skimmers and clever malware attacks. In Russia, many of the attempts to illegally obtain cash from ATMs are rather more crude — because they involve explosives.