The Rise And Fall Of America's Greatest Convicted Counterfeiter

Art Williams Jr says he never really knew how money worked until he went to prison three times. It’s ironic because Art Williams is also one of the most infamous money counterfeiters in recent American history. And he almost got away with it.

A Forced PIN For All Credit Cards Won't Stop The Biggest Fraud

Australians are no longer be able to use their signature when completing a transaction in a store under new regulations: it’s PINs only from now on. According to PINwise, an initiative of the Australian payments card industry, using a PIN (personal identification number) for credit and debit card purchases in store is “safer and faster than signing”. But is this really the case?

What Gives Paper Money Its Actual Value?

Money is just tinted paper printed with different numbers on it. So what gives the ol’ greenbacks its value? The bills used to be tied to the gold standard, but now it’s up to the Federal Reserve to control how many bills there are. So why can’t they just decide to print out ridiculous amounts of bills to make everyone rich?

Where The Dollar Sign Comes From

This symbol first showed up in the 1770s, appearing in documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans. However, it wasn’t until the very early 1800s that it became popularised, around the same time as the first official US dollars were being minted. Previous to this, the symbol had already been in use as an abbreviation for names of Spanish currency, namely as an abbreviation for the Spanish peso “p”.

9 Of The Most Expensive Things You Can Find On Amazon

It’s pretty easy to blow all your money buying stuff on Amazon. But if you want to clear out your savings account right now in one fell swoop, here are some of the biggest-ticket items we could find in the Everything Store.

Bitcoin Exchanges Are Being Investigated Over Silk Road Drug Money

Back in April, the Silk Road defence lawyer, Joshua Dratel, tried to save his client, Ross Ulbricht, by throwing Bitcoin under the bus. Now, the FBI is investigating Mt Gox and a number of other bitcoin exchanges in connection with Silk Road.

Circle Is A Free And Approachable Bitcoin Bank For Everyday Folks

Bitcoin services don’t perhaps have the best of track records right now, and they can often appear niche and daunting. Circle hopes to change to change that,though, by offering a free and accessible bitcoin banking service for everyday folks.

It's Surprisingly Easy To Print Fake Money On An Inkjet Printer

If you’re running an international counterfeiting ring, then you’re gonna need some expensive equipment. But for the small-time counterfeiter about town, it’s all too easy. Just grab your everyday inkjet printer.

4 Totally Fake Currencies That Changed The Course Of Real Wars

At the tail end of his time as Commander of US Forces Afghanistan, General David Petraeus commented that “money is my most important ammunition in this war”. It was far from an original thought. In fact, you could argue that currency is the most important and least acknowledged wartime weapon.

This Bitcoin Card Could Make Virtual Money Mainstream

Bitcoin wallet provider Xapo reckons it’s about to make Bitcoin use substantially easier, by teaming up with your more established form of banks to create a Mastercard-branded credit card that will let you blow your virtual money in actual shops.

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