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7 Keyboard Apps Better Than The One On Your Phone

Third-party keyboards may not be the most exciting of apps at first glance, but when you stop to think about how much time we spend tapping away at our smartphones — their significance becomes pretty clear. If you have the right keyboard, you can power through messages, emails, updates, and searches much faster than you’d normally be able to. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite alternative keyboard apps for Android and iOS.

Epic Used Vulkan To Show Off Mobile Graphics At The World Mobile Congress

The first release version of Vulkan is finally out, and while the performance gains on PC aren’t quite there yet the low-level graphics API has got an awful lot of developer support.

Part of the appeal is thanks to the platform-agnostic nature of the API, and that was something Epic helped show off this morning at the World Mobile Congress. As part of the presentation for the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Unreal Engine makers showed off a tech demo showcasing — with the help of Vulkan — just how far mobile graphics have come.

Smartphone Leak Roundup: Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One M10 And LG G5

The smartphone leaks have been coming thick and fast this month, though impending releases can have that effect. The hot devices right now — thanks to the Mobile World Congress — are the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC One M10 and the LG G5.

Vodafone Red Customers Will Get A Free Spotify Subscription

So here’s an unusual value-add for a mobile plan: if you sign up to a Vodafone Red Plan on a 12- or 24-month contract, you’ll get a free Spotify Premium account for the duration of the contract.

Flexy, Wrist-Worn Concept Phone: A Real Life Buzz Lightyear Communicator

Indiegogo concepts are always a bit out there, and this one’s no exception: Portal, a six-inch Android-powered smartphone that’s impressively capable, waterproof and flexible enough to wear on your wrist like Buzz Lightyear’s communicator. Forget smartwatches, this baby’s a goddamned gauntlet.

CheckM8: Now HTC One Is Windows Phone And Android

One of the worst-kept secrets in recent smartphone history has been confirmed this morning, with a Windows Phone version of the generally excellent HTC One M8 officially announced.

'Sperm Scientists' Worry About Impact of Mobiles on Male Fertility

Researchers are beginning to worry that mobiles may be impacting on male fertility, with studies showing a decrease in the “quality” of the sperm of men who pack phones in their trouser pockets.

Watch Gravity Control This Hypnotic Drawing Machine

Gravity forever keeps our feet flat on the ground, but it’s tough to see the “wow” factor of something we live with every day. But Shizouka-based designer Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design found a way to reveal the wonder in the ever-present force with Magnetic Field Record, a mobile artwork that offers a new way to look at what keeps us from floating away.

Android Hits One Billion Activations

Google’s hit a major milestone in its quest to put an Android device into the hands of everybody.

4G In Australia Explained

1800MHz? 2100MHz? 700MHz? What frequencies are Australian 4G networks on right now, and what does the future hold? Here’s what you need to know.

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