Google's Android Icons May Be Getting A Makeover

One thing that iOS has had over Android for a long time is the constant, ceaseless march of progress in its interface design. With iOS 7, then iOS 7.1, Apple’s mobile operating system received a huge visual makeover. Google hasn’t been so heavy-handed, and because of that, some of its app icons are starting to look a little staid. That seems set to change, though, with rumours of an upcoming overhaul of Android icons in the works.

How To Make Browsing The Web On Your Phone Suck Less

No matter how big the screen or how effective the software, web browsing on your smartphone just doesn’t match the ease of browsing on a computer. It’s never going to be perfect, but it can be a lot better. Here’s how to make browsing on your smartphone suck less.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is A Baby Monitor That Reports To Your Smartwatch

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has a surprising hidden feature that tech bloggers have just discovered: the phone can double as a baby monitor — provided you’ve got it paired to a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. And y’know, you don’t mind leaving your baby and your phone behind while you’re in another room.

Apple's Trying To Make iOS Emojis More Racially Diverse

After Miley Cyrus quite rightly grumbled about the lack of racial diversity in iOS emojis a long time ago, MTV Act decided to ask Apple what it had done about it. Surprisingly, it turns out, it’s pushing for change!

FireChat For iPhone Uses Bluetooth And Wi-Fi For Ad-Hoc, Crowdsourced Communication

If you’ve ever been stuck at a sporting event or music festival with a clogged mobile network or snail’s-pace Wi-Fi, salvation is at hand. FireChat, a new app for iOS, creates a hyper-local, anonymised chatroom using Apple’s new Multipeer Connectivity Network — using your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to directly connect to other iPhones in the immediate vicinity. One phone links to another, which links to another, to another, and pretty soon you’ve got a FireChat network going.

1440 x 2560 LG G3 Proves You Can't Have Too Many Pixels

The day your smartphone has a higher resolution display than your desktop PC is fast approaching (or for some, has already arrived), with LG’s upcoming G3 looking like it will sport a 1440 x 2560 panel, or WQHD if you’re not too keen on raw numbers.

Hole-y Leaked HTC One Cover, Batman!

Always-reliable leak source @evleaks just tweeted this image purporting to show the next HTC One with a light-up hole-riddled cover of some sort. Will it be real? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Use Your iPhone To Send Smoke Signals Even When There's No Service

If you’re tired of iMessage failures, spotty coverage from your carrier, and sickeningly cute emoticons, here’s a clever iPhone case that will revolutionise how you chat with your friends — using technology that’s been around for hundreds of years.

Sony's Xperia G A 'Flagship Design With Mediocre Specs'

At least according to ViziLeaks, the Twitter account that recently posted photos of what it claims is Sony’s unreleased Xperia G. Essentially, it looks to be a mid-range device in an upper-class chassis, which isn’t surprising given the announcement of the high-end Z1 Compact last month.

LG To Release The G2 Mini At Mobile World Congress

The world’s largest smartphone show, Mobile World Congress, is almost upon us, and LG continues to tease us with its announcements. This time, the company tells us we’re set to see the G2 Mini: a smaller version of last-year’s flagship.