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What's Next For The Smartphone In A Rapidly Changing Market?

It should be no surprise to anyone that many smartphones may have been designed to last about 24 months — the length of a typical contract with a network service provider. After all, it is a fast-moving, high-turnover market and planned obsolescence is how it is kept moving. Being high turnover means new models with new features can be brought to market and readily consumed by users conditioned to want the latest and greatest.

Nexus X 'Shamu' Reportedly Benchmarked Being Quite Fast

By this stage, we have a pretty good idea of what Google’s Nexus 6 will look like and what fancy silicon innards it will be packing. And, according to the latest round of supposed leaked benchmarks, those innards can walk the walk.

iFixit's iPhone 6 Plus Teardown Finds Oversized Battery, 1GB Of RAM

iFixit, famous breakers of things, were in Australia to scoop up an iPhone 6 Plus as soon as it went on sale. Now, it’s teasing the rest of us with a step-by-step liveblog of the teardown process.

Some Simple Software Could Help Charge Your Phone In Minutes, Not Hours

Modern phones aren’t renowned for their battery life — and to make things worse, they can take hours to charge too. Now, though, a simple piece of software could help charge them in minutes, without any need for hardware tweaks.

Did Telstra Text You About Electromagnetic Radiation? Don't Worry, You're Safe

If you’re a Telstra mobile subscriber, you might have received a message yesterday sharing some slightly mysterious information on “electromagnetic energy”. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

Soon, You Won't Have To Switch Your Phone Or Tablet Off While Flying In Australia

Frequent flyers rejoice: soon enough, you won’t have to switch off your mobile phone or tablet when you get on a plane. Phone calls and Internet browsing are still going to be impossible, but at least you won’t have to bother with the power button.

How Your Mobile Phone Knows Where You Are -- Even Without GPS

Nowadays, our phones use GPS to let us work out where we are. But mobile phone networks were able to work out where you were long before phones got smart — and this video explains how.

Get Ready For A New Wave Of Superphones

Were you disappointed by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8? Plenty of people weren’t exactly thrilled — while the phones are undoubtedly the best on the market at the moment, they aren’t a huge step forward in speed or features over last year’s S4 or old One. Don’t despair, though; there’s another bunch of smartphones about to be announced.

You Can Make This Raspberry Pi Mobile Phone Yourself For $160

There’s something deeply satisfying about building your own gadgets. So, when it comes to your next phone, forget Project Ara; how about building your own using a Raspberry Pi?

Europe Is Shaming Australian Telcos By Scrapping Roaming Fees

As a general rule, our major mobile operators don’t handle international roaming well. Burn through your data on Telstra 4G roaming in Hong Kong and you’re up for at least $50 per second. Optus is little better. Vodafone’s Roam Like Home plans go a small way to fixing the problem, but there’s a simpler solution that European parliament is about to pass — no roaming fees whatsoever.

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