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Europe Is Shaming Australian Telcos By Scrapping Roaming Fees

As a general rule, our major mobile operators don’t handle international roaming well. Burn through your data on Telstra 4G roaming in Hong Kong and you’re up for at least $50 per second. Optus is little better. Vodafone’s Roam Like Home plans go a small way to fixing the problem, but there’s a simpler solution that European parliament is about to pass — no roaming fees whatsoever.

Text While Driving In San Francisco And You Might End Up On A Billboard

This month, some residents of San Francisco might discover photographs of themselves engaging in rather embarrassing behaviour. A website has been collecting photos of people texting while driving, and some of those photos have now found their way onto billboards throughout the region. Check this out!

Optus Cracks 2.3Gbps Through Its 4G Testing Gigasite

Optus has had 4G LTE testing sites in New South Wales for a while now, experimenting with network capacity and throughput to multiple devices. With 4G technology advancing and speeds increasing, telcos have to keep adding new hardware and tweaking it to provide maximum performance to their customers. Optus’ latest network test has turned up some impressive numbers.

12 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Can you spot the fakes? Hundreds of amazing images wash over our greedy eyeballs each and every day, clogging our Twitter timelines and Facebook feeds. Many of them are fakes, lies or both. Like these!

Cheap International Calls For Vodafone Prepaid Customers

Vodafone has dropped the price of its prepaid international call rates in 12 countries: Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey and Jordan. In addition, prepaid customers will receive 250MB of data for all international recharges $20 and above from now until 3 March.

Five Reasons To Consider Using Multiple SIMs

Because the SIM card in your phone dictates the number people can contact you on, it might seem axiomatic that one should be enough for anyone. Yet there are circumstances where having more than one SIM makes sense. Here are five reasons to consider multiple SIMs.

Watch This Dumbass Driver On His Mobile Phone Get Exactly What He Deserves

Traffic accidents are annoying enough on their own, but they’re even worse when they’re caused by a complete idiot. This Russian man takes a little initiative by dispensing some righteous road justice. Not to the driver that (almost) caused the mess, but to the driver’s mobile phone.

Why Your Next Smartphone Might Be Full Of Wax

It might not just be your ears that are stuffed with wax for long — because researchers want to pack your phone full of the stuff too. In the process of trying to make processors more efficient, they hit on an intriguing idea: cover the chip in a mesh of wax that can melt and absorb some of that excess heat when the processor is pushed.

Is This The Gold iPhone 5S?

With all this talk of a golden iPhone you may have been expecting something terribly bling. But this leaked image, published by Japanese website Weekly Ascii, claims to show off the new “champagne” iPhone and it… it doesn’t look that bad.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini And S4 Zoom Hands-On: Funky Alternatives

It’s no secret that a smaller version of the Galaxy S4, known as the Galaxy S4 Mini, is on its way. Nor is it hush-hush that a camera/phone hybrid known as the Galaxy S4 Zoom is coming. While there’s still no information about when these will arrive on our shores, we just got a little play time with them. Here are our first impressions.