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'Textalyser' Wants To Be A Breathalyser For Your Mobile Phone

Distracted driving is a hazard up there with drinking and driving, but presents a problem for cops: Snapchat scores can’t be determined by smelling someone’s breath. A solution proposed in draft New York legislation would solve that, using a roadside phone analyser.

Google Wants To Make Landlines Relevant Again With Its New Fibre Phone

If you’re living with high-speed internet in one of Google’s Fibre cities, your landline telephone might yet live to see another day. In the US, Google has announced Fibre Phone, a cloud-based phone number you can use from any tablet, laptop or phone — including a landline. It’s like Google Voice on bad steroids.

US Lawmaker Wants To Make It Illegal To Buy A Burner Phone Without ID

US House Representative Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) has put forward a bill that will require retailers to ask for identification from anyone buying a prepaid mobile phone.

NYPD Admits To Using Cell Phone Spy Tool More Than 1000 Times Since 2008

The New York Police Department has admitted to using controversial cell phone spying systems known as Stingrays — which can be used to track the location and intercept personal communications of nearby mobile phone users. In a report from the New York Civil Liberties Union, the NYPD confirmed using the Stingray more than 1000 times between 2008 and May 2015.

Did Telstra Text You About Electromagnetic Radiation? Don't Worry, You're Safe

If you’re a Telstra mobile subscriber, you might have received a message yesterday sharing some slightly mysterious information on “electromagnetic energy”. But don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.

To Get Customers Acclimated To Rotary Telephones, Theatres Played This PSA

Video: Telephones got their start in the late nineteenth century, connected through exchanges. In the early twentieth century, however, Bell introduced a new dial system, and needed to tell callers how to use it.

Samsung's New Galaxy A9: Huge Screen, Massive Battery

Samsung has announced the latest in its A series of phones at an event in China today. The Galaxy A9 is a slight departure compared to the svelte A8, with a monstrous screen and battery capacity to match.

Watch Five Minutes Solid Of Louis C.K. On Mobile Phones 

Louis CK has a track record for amusing commentary about phones. Now, the A to Z Review has compiled a solid five minutes of it into one video. You will laugh, you will wince, you will question modern life.

Mobile Black Spots Get A $385m Fix From Government, Telstra And Vodafone

Federal, state and local governments are spending up along with Telstra and Vodafone to boost those carriers’ coverage in mobile phone blackspots around Australia. $385 million has been pledged over the next three years to fix poor mobile network reception in outer metro, regional and remote areas of the country, with the first improvements made before the end of this year.

Woolworths' Connect Prepaid Mobile Plans Start Next Monday

Woolworths Connect is a new prepaid mobile service using (parts of) Telstra’s nationwide 3G network, and it kicks off from next Monday. There are two plans available, and they look like pretty good value if you like a lot of cheap data and if you don’t make too many calls.

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