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Intel Core i7 Mobile = Fastest Laptop Processor EVER

Laptops got a hell of a lot faster today. We’ve been waiting for Intel to bring out its mobile version of Core i7 and today it did. The benchmarks are in and they say it’s fast. Really freaking fast.

Alienware's M15x Now Has the World's Fastest Mobile Processor

Intel’s Core i7 processor kicks arse, as we already know. Alienware is busting out an update to its M15x laptop today with the new mobile version of i7, which is to be officially unveiled today at Intel’s Developer Conference.

Core i7 Laptops: Early Tests Of Quad-Core Chip Say It's Real Fast

Looks like Core i7 could dominate laptops the way it has desktops. We should see the chips in new machines at next week’s Intel Developers Conference, but PC Pro has already tested the mid-range quad-core 1.73GHz i7-820QM, and they’re impressed.

HP Mini 311: An 11.6-inch Netbook With Nvidia ION LE Graphics?

Specs of several upcoming HP notebooks have been dug up by Web-sleuths, including info on a Mini 311 netbook. It looks like it may also have an Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 160GB hard disk, and a six-cell battery.

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