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Watch Giz Editor Luke Hopewell Talk iPad Mini On Ten Breakfast

The iPad Mini. Does it exist? Are we really going to see it on October 23, and if so, what’s it likely to be sporting? Gizmodo Australia’s fearless editor Luke Hopewell went down to Ten Breakfast this morning to talk all things tablet.

Why A Keyboard Is The Only Way To Beat Apple

The killer (or be killed) feature of the new Microsoft Surface for Windows RT is its keyboard. The tablet itself is a wonderful device. It’s got a great body and a (seemingly) fast processor, but input is everything.

Microsoft Surface Just Made The MacBook Air And The iPad Look Obsolete

Microsoft has guts. It’s what you get when you’re the underdog. Either that or you curl into an RIM-shaped ball and die. Microsoft is the underdog because no matter how many hundreds of millions of people use its software, the cool and the future belong to Apple. Or belonged, perhaps. After yesterday’s Surface event — assuming they don’t fumble the execution — Gates’s children may have found the weapon to stop the heirs of Jobs and turn the tide.

Watch Microsoft's Surface Tablet Unveiling In 90 Seconds

Microsoft had one of the biggest product announcements in the company’s history last night: the pair of Surface tablets that will take on the iPad and the MacBook Air simultaneously. But since only a handful of tech journalists were invited — and since we’re guessing you don’t have an hour to watch the full thing — we’ve chopped a video of the whole thing down to just the good bits.

Hands On: Microsoft Surface For Windows RT

Microsoft’s event today was long on promise and short on specs. RAM? We dunno. Processor speed? We dunno. Price? We dunno. Release date? We dunno. But even a very brief hands-on made something abundantly clear: it’s a super solid device and if Microsoft can deliver what it demoed, the iPad finally has a real competitor and Android has a big problem.

Microsoft Surface Questions That Need Answers

Microsoft threw one hell of a party today; its pair of Microsoft Surface devices could be one of the biggest jumps forward in product design in recent memory. Could, because there’s still so much we don’t know. And Microsoft’s not sharing.

What Is The Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Microsoft doesn’t want to take any chances with Windows 8 — if it’s going to be the best operating system ever, it’s going to need some serious hardware. So Microsoft has built its own tablet. Meet Surface.

Foot Recognition Is The New Face Recognition

The problem with a multi-user tabletop computer is that it’s difficult for the software to keep track of who’s using it. Unless you strap a Kinect sensor to the underside that lets it make note of their footwear choices.

What Microsoft Thinks The Future Will Look Like

Two things. One, we’re going to need a lot of hand sanitiser if Microsoft is right about the all-touch-everything future. Two, I’m surprised how much I like Microsoft’s vision — it’s futuristic, natural and metro-y.

What's New In Microsoft Surface Version Two

In the world of tech, concepts come and go faster than poop through a goose. There are however, some concepts that both innovate and thrill those fortunate enough to experience them.

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