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There Are Official Evangelion Dumbbells And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Do you like Evangelion? Do you like working out? Do you live in Japan? If you answered yes to all these questions, I’m pretty sure you still won’t want these utterly ridiculous, yet totally real Evangelion-branded dumbbells.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2's Merchandise Will Finally Give Gamora Her Due

The ongoing debate over a lack of movie merchandise depicting female characters — whether it’s Marvel, or Star Wars, or anything — seems like it’s finally having an effect. The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel wants to right the wrongs of its original toyline, and director James Gunn himself is leading the charge.

The Original Star Trek Is Getting An Incredible Blu-Ray Set For The 50th Anniversary

Star Trek‘s 50th birthday is this year, and the celebration has begun — there’s the new TV show on the way,

BB-8 Makes An Adorably Perfect Star Wars Teapot

Thought you could escape Star Wars merchandise in this quiet period post-Force Awakens, pre-Rogue One, era? Well then THINK AGAIN. Anything that can be BB-8-erised will be, as is the case with this delightful teapot.

Star Wars Marketing Is Even More Absurd Around The World

Human culture has reached a point of no return. The overwhelming barrage of Star Wars merchandise has pulverized the last remaining crumbs of our consumer dignity. Consider this product and cry with us: Star Wars Chicken Hot Dogs with Built-in Ketchup. And it gets worse.

You Can Buy Official Google Doodle Gear Now

If you don’t love Google Doodles, you have no soul. If you love Google Doodles like the rest of mankind, you can now buy Google Doodle gear! Hooray! T-shirts! Coffee mugs! Posters! Your favourite Google Doodle will live on forever now.

Disney Is Selling Official Tron Hooker Shoes For $US795

It’s not just hooker shoes, either. Disney’s also flogging a delightful $US2600 sterling silver Tron necklace and $US150 belt buckle, just in time to get dressed for the movie’s December release. [Disney via Technabob via Kotaku]

These Android Vinyl Toys Spell Bad News For My Bank Account

If there’s one thing I love more than my vinyl toy collection, it’s merchandise from my favourite mobile OS. Designer Andrew Bell convinced Google to lend him their mascot, resulting in 12 blind-boxed variations. Oh, how I love a blind-box!

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