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All Restaurants And Bars Should Use Pop-Up Menus

Did you know that some bars and restaurants use menus that are completely devoid of pictures of the drink or entree you’re thinking about ordering? It’s absurd. Not only should menus feature photos of what your meal could optimistically look like, but venues should consider borrowing a page from this amazing pop-up menu engineered by paper artist Helen Friel.

We Could Soon Be Ordering Food On Rubber-Coated Tablet Menus

A new mass-market service called E la Carte is now testing their tablet menu at twenty different restaurants around Boston and San Francisco. The tablets are specially rubber-coated, and won’t die out on you when you’re ordering because they’ve got day-long battery life. Sure, iPad menus have been done before! But these E la Carte tablets could be a better alternative for restaurant owners; they’re cheaper, more durable, and designed specifically for this purpose.

Cenabo Makes Gathering Office Lunch Orders A Breeze

Whether your planning an event or just ordering food for a large number of people, Cenabo is a webapp that helps facilitate this tedious task to save you some time.

Sony's Ultra Compact DSLR Concept May Have Touchscreen Menus

Sony’s been pretty tight-lipped about its ultra compact DSLR camera concept, but someone did share screenshots of what appears to be a rather nice menu system designed for a touchscreen. It looks like it’ll gives almost complete control to fingers.

Tweaked UI Spotted In Snow Leopard: More Changes To Come?

Despite having showed no changes to the OS X UI at WWDC, it looks like there are at least a few tweaks in the new test build. Could the minor changes spotted already indicate more are to come this fall?

Eating Like an Astronaut: Our Six-Course Space Food Taste Test

Eating is one of life’s most important activities, and the same applies in space. Every astronaut eats three times a day, and yesterday for lunch, Adam and I had space food. It was awesome.

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