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Use Your Glasses As An Impromptu Smart Phone Stand

Don’t worry about stuffing a dedicated media stand into your bag or cobbling together a DIY stand from parts you scavenge at the office. Reader Nathan Dufault suggests repurposing your glasses as a simple smart phone stand.

RealPlayer SP Update Brings Video Trimming

In addition to ripping, sharing and converting videos, the most recent update to RealPlayer SP allows users to quickly trim clips without affecting video quality. The player is still bloated, unfortunately, but most folks will find the new tools easy to figure out. [Real]

Mysterious Cowon W2 Is An Atom-Equipped Something Or Other

It’s a bit of a stretch in reasoning, but some leaked docs seem to confirm media player manufacturer Cowon is dipping a toe into the world of tablets with the Atom-powered W2.

Samsung M1 Media Player Confirmed, May Use Nvidia Tegra

Samsung Korea has teaser up for its YP-M1 media player (pictured to the right of the pink R1). Notably, the site mentions an Nvidia chipset…could it be Tegra? That would match recent reports, and make the M1 a worthy successor to the P3.

VLC, The Internet's Favorite Media Player, Hits Version 1.0

With a “many new features,” support for new codecs and formats and a ton of bug fixes, VLC—the most versatile media player around—is officially worth of 1.0 status. Download it here. [VLCThanks Chris!]

Dell's First Android Smartphone Ain't A Phone

The Wall Street Journal chimes in on talk of Dell’s Android smartphone with the bit that it’s not a smartphone (yet), but a media player with Wi-Fi, a la iPod touch or Zune HD. If Dell doesn’t kill it. [WSJ]

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